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30 September 2005

say something good say it's wonderful :
I thought it would be nice to have someone here, hanging out on a permanent basis. Doesn't he look at home? Incase you were wondering it's Wentworht Miller. He's currently starring in Prison Break with Dominic Purcell. I got this picture from http://www.wentworth-miller.net/ and I'll take it down when I'm tired of it or I'm forced to :) Which ever comes first.

I may have found my new hobby, other than applying for any and all jobs in the area that is. I may spend my days looking for pics of people on couches so that I'll always have a person here on my blog, hanging out. It does give me something to look forward to - who came by to see the celeb/couch jockey. I'm not a jealous person so I don't care if you come here only for Mr. Miller either. I still get the page hit and my stat counter going up the ladder to the bigger digits is so happiness inspiring. I am a Wentworth fan, so much so I was rooting for him to kick Joan of Arcadia's ass. Another show that bit the dust before we found out anything we wanted to know.

I'm a fan of so many celebs, so fellas you may see a little lady or two hanging out here in the future. Or I may forget the whole thing. It's a wait and see sort of thing. You know me, all whims and no planning. Anyways I'm sitting here thinking who the hell was John Doe anyways? Is LOST going to stop repeating large amounts of the previous week's show in every new show, or are they trying to make it look like what Survivor crossed with a soap opera would look like? Why did they kill off Vaughn/Michaud? With Greg Grunenberg potentially leaving too, there goes a lot of the funness. I like these guys for their foilness and their sheer silliness. Check the Soundbite Heaven to know what I really mean. Plus it's so lame to have a "you killed my baby daddy!" revenge/self protection storyline driving this season. Let's face it Sydney is a spy and therefore she will never be safe, someone will always want her dead. No amount of math problem solving decryption skills or ass kicking abilities/bullet resistant glass/ancient texts or prophecies will change that. It's the way spies are written, you never walk away from it, it always kills you. Now I'm just waiting to see how creatively she will die.

I don't like Stuart Townsend too much but I will watch the Night Stalker a bit and see what's going to happen with that. I'm still not feeling the re-vibed CSI, though I'm glad they kept that Eckley reject CSI and made her a cop (don't remember her name). I loved the use of the song in this weeks' episode, but I'm thinking the click is gone and the series is spinning a little on how to keep everyone on and still keep it interesting. See, I like the stories fine, but I also like to get to know the characters as well and in that CSI is getting a bit ER. No one has left *yet* but it's feeling like all this is leading to something that may be the George Clooney moment of the original series. I'm projecting I know, but I have a feeling. Loving the funness of CSI New York tho, nice digs there.

I'm soon off to walk to work. It's been a cold day and the freaks running the asylum still haven't gotten around to providing keys to the doors. I know I sound ultra paranoid, but no one gets between me and my stuff, especially out of premeditated acts of indecipherable bureacracy. I have yet to give up on the key thing though, so the little brain deader in charge of that department hasn't heard the last of me by far. Oh and I was so happy to see the Russian Cosmonaut from Armageddon (don't know his name either) being perfectly creepy as a mobster cutting off Wenworth's toes. A bevvy of fave men on one show :) James Denton will always be Mr. Lyle to me. He does psycho good :)

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