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04 September 2005

no matter how sad these things can be :
I'm a girl and girls talk. We were talking shamelessly at work. I now know 2 people in town who had very similar childhoods to mine. I am not alone and it makes me stronger to talk about the dark ages I have seen. Sometimes this stuff festers and starts weighing you down. It's always better for me to talk about things and to talk about them with people who feel me on the issue, well it's da bomb. It makes me feel I need to start a support group just so I have people to talk to. I'd call it Everything Anonymous. Because everyone needs a place to go and talk.

My sister, who still owes my money. Thought it would be a great idea to pay me back with a 20 year old 27" tv that isn't stereo or DVD compatible, or surround sound friendly , or even able to tune in the cable channels properly. She got pissed I didn't want it, because she could get it and have it delivered to me. Yea but your idea and taste suck, so live with it.

Then, to be real nice, she asked me if I was getting Christmas presents for her, my nephew or mom this year. Why? Because if I wasn't then don't come home for Christmas because, well, they really don't have the money to bother with buying for me so it would just be easier if I said I was broke and then no one would have to bother with me at all.

Oh yea I feel the love. And people wonder why I don't talk about my family, pretend I'm an orphan and all that. I do it beacuse it's the saner of 2 evils. I think G-Lo's Evil weekend has been adopted by my family, regardless of the fact they never heard about it. However, they are just selfish and small hearted. Mr Grinch, the before shot, is their idol.

I have a standing offer to spend the season with Jack Daniels and a steak anyways. My own tradition - one I created over 10+ years of not talking to the family anyways. I'm sure I'll have a few pity invites from people and a few genuinely irresistable invites, so I'll probably have something to pick from for the season. Desperation and Christmas aren't synonymous for me. I get desperate when I realize I won't get any birthday cake on my birhtday. Yes this fat kid loves some cake!!!!!!!!

Wasn't here yeasterday as I was committing B&E helping my friend get into the house she locked herself out of. I have been there before so I know it was her place. We hung, watched tv, drank coke, ate za and generally had a good time. Going back today cuz I don't want to sit here an moulder all day long on how sucky my blood relatives are. I'm off to extend my family with people I get to choose. It's better that way :)

Keep blogging and good weekend :)
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 1:21 PM

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