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16 September 2005

looking for a place to happen making stops along the way :
Oops. My bad. Did I TELL management what to do? Tee HEE. Was I really unprofessional with my email (no cussing, just direct to the point what I wanted - I DID TELL Management what to do)?? I do NOT appologise for that. Mangement DID NOT appologise for it's unprofessional behaviour either. We're square on that*. I was forgiven for my emotionalism (is this a word???) and given the camapign switch to parttime hours. And I was SURE I'd be fired. Go FIGURE.

* in this case two wrongs make a detente.

Other than that I'm peachy keen, sitting in telemarketer hell with people who have things to lose so they won't quit; they'll just continue to be screwed around. Top off the high drama yesterday with the fact my team leader went around announcing how I forced management to move me by threatening to quit. I caused quite a stir I did, and I've been told that my team leader could be written up for what I heard him say on the floor. Guess what for? THAT's RIGHT - being UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!! OMG!

I was VERY Good. I didn't argue, fuss, fume, swear or even give my oppinion (let's quit while we're still getting money shall we - the faculties). I am sorta bragging about my coup, apparently I'm a valued employee, or I just scare the crap outta people. Either one is working for me right now. And since I have a choice to work Saturdays I can have 2 days off if I like, I'm not forced into all 6 days :) So not only do I have an unchanging schedule - 5.30-11.30 pm Mon-Fri, I can have a full weekend as well. OOH EEH. I've got time to look for another job now. Man.

So that's the update for today. I may be back but I make no promises, I maybe unpredictable like that ok :) Premieres have started and I'm all screwed up over how to watch it all- still. I already missed Bones and Supernatural. I did get to see Nick Stokes do his death march again on Quentin Tarantino's CSI :) He lives, but ALAS - my fern has died. I'm thinking I should throw it out but I don't have a new one to put in it's place.

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