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07 September 2005

i've done everything for you :
I'm tired. I took back my last cash source, an empty 18 litre water bottle for the tenner it was worth, so I would have money in my pocket til Friday. Silly me I know. Pt was helping me out by driving me to the store and back to get the money, but she wanted to stop by and use the loo - and I had to dash in and hide the 'toy' that was casually hanging out after cleaning. I just couldn't let her walk in and see it, it seemed wrong to not warn her so I just stuffed it in my purse and ran out again. I don't know if she saw anything, I'm not asking either.

Sunday we are going to have a Dairy Queen cake. By We I mean pt, her friend K and I. Maybe others but I'm not sure. Pt's turning 24 I think. I'm so bad with the little - doesn't make a difference to me details these days. I suck but at least I remember her birthday and I so will get a card!!!!!! My best friend from college will get a card too, since she's done a trés excellenté job of reminding me when her birthday is, and I have stamps and a convienient post box on the front porch. That's the reason why we agreed to start writing each other letters, once a month, to keep letter writing from becoming a lost art. That and my penmanship needs work.

My theory about my penmanship is that I spent so long in school I lost all ability to care about the prettiness factor of the script and only slightly care if they words could be read in a certain light, on a specific angle, when the moon is in the tenth house ... kidding :P Basically whatever happens to doctors, the reason why their penmanship is awful, is something that I have a) contracted, b) learned to a varying degree or c) become nonchallant enough not to care about improving. (D) contracted through prolonged exposure to higher learning :)

Keep blogging, and wish me a loner day.
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