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15 September 2005

it's a recipe for disaster :
Ok so back to normal blogging, a pipe dream I know. I quit my job last night. I got sneak attack voluntold I'm a telemarketer now and this is my hours. I FLIPPED. I said switch me to a differnt campaign or take this as my notice. I'm expecting to be told to eat shit.

So for breakfast I've had 4 quarts of super pissed off and some frosted mini wheats. I've applied to another local job and am considering working at the corner convenience store if they'll have me. I was Roaring last night. I swore a bluestreak on the floor for like 20 minutes and that alone can get me fired. But I SO DON'T CARE. I can't care about a place that doesn't care about me. And they don't, bad employer. BAD EMPLOYER!!! Oh they so don't want me to fill out that 50 best companies survey now. But I will, screw this being nice shit.

I have to reign it in til Saturday night, after taht I will have made it through the week and have an entire paycheque for the end of the month. So I'll be welfare free and able to look for work without hinderance for a while. If I'm real unlucky I'll be screwed for the end of OCtober and I'll have to go on the dole to make ends meet, so wish me service industry jobs so my university educated ass can still eat ok??? If you know anyone who's hiring for an office position let me know I can run an office, and I don't mean into the goround either. I can also run a radio station. And Sarcastrix I was serious when I said I need you to rewrite my resume. Then maybe I can find a hell hole I can stand.

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