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09 September 2005

it's heartache all over the world :
One-Eyed Thor (my pirate name) checking in.

So have I told ya how Capital One wants to give me a credit card? Recently bankrupt (not just morally) me. They called and offered, I disclosed, they said we'd be happy to help you re-establish, I answered all questions. What the hey it was a slow day. So - well they called me and asked me to sign up like forever ago, then I get this letter in the mail saying they can't reach me so I have to call them (it's all mysterious) and then I wait like 20 minutes on hold to be read a disclaimer. In 4-6 weeks (again) I'll be notified in the mail if I get the card or not.

So other than that I was having an intrigue free day. Pt got her car and picked me up way early this morning. We drove around a bit before work. After work we went to DQ for dinner to celebrate the 'new' car. <2001> I'm soooooo looking forward to the weekend I can't tell ya. And I've almost made up my mind to take the pay cut, suck up the 6 days a week and try to get into that other campaign. Our campaign is looking for dedicated volunteers to telemarket. I'm praying there will be enough so I don't get voluntold. Then I can learn the campaign I am stuck with all the way not have an incoherent hate on for specifc things, not schizophrenically convoluted hateplainations of the myriad of things I detest in each part.

Yea, that's me, always looking to streamline them bad karma life shortening things that are bringing me down. If I keep it up I may be able to go through life without the hunch back the constant seething and clenching and bitching is giving me. I need a great cheap massueser. Maybe I'll just develope a persciption drug habit, enabled by doctor's inabilty to really treat patients and kept up through my indentured servitude and work sponsored drug plan. It could keep me employed via being comfortably numb. Maybe a plan I'll look into it while I pursue the tandim idea of stress leave. Both require a doctor's visit. I beleive in doctors visits, now if they'd just believe me when I say I know what's wrong we'd get along famously. I am the one in my bodu after all.

On that note Rob Brezny charges me this week with a gloriously uplifting thought. Take it as your own, share it and believe it ok? :)
These are the rewards promised you at the beginning of time: not just any old beauty, wisdom, goodness, love, freedom, and justice, but rather exhilarating beauty that incites you to be true to yourself; crazy wisdom that immunizes you against the temptation to believe your ideals are ultimate truths; outrageous goodness that inspires you to experiment with irrepressible empathy; generous freedom that keeps you alert for opportunities to share your wealth; insurrectionary love that endlessly transforms you; and a lust for justice that’s leavened with a knack for comedy, keeping you honest as you work humbly to liberate everyone in the world from ignorance and suffering.

Keep blogging.

Why did David Bowie go on tv (fashion rocks) looking like he'd been in a fist fight (possibly with Iman) and not wearing socks with that natty suit for Life on Mars? Maybe it was just a bad colour choice for the socks but there's makeup to cover the black eye Dave.

Also, much as I love Gwen Stefani recorded, why does it seem like live her clothes are strangling her and destroying her vocals?

Just wondering.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:40 PM

MenTal fUrbAll