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28 September 2005

I’m a liar, I lie, I like it, I feel good, I like it, and again :
I hate Bell Canada. Monopolies suck and I don't care how nice their people are. I'm pissed. They've been fucking me around for months and now I owe them almost a hundred bucks. Why? Because they are big fat billingual illiterate assholew ho have been lying to me for months. So they could collect late charges and multiply my debt with their legislated stupidity. If I was a mad bomber kaboom Bell Canada. They SO deserve it, I'd make sure the people were gone, but the conglomerate needs a wake up call fer sure. I wish Bell bankruptcy and total dissolution. I think the Canadian government is stupid for privatizing everything else but the damn phone service and we can't do any better than BELL? It so TOTALLY sux I want to get head cancer just to spite them with the oldest mouldiest cell ever made. Just gotta find one.

Anyways I've discovered fun with scroll bars. I could never make the hide and seek post thing work but I've finnagled scrollbars. I went a bit over the top with them but I figured I'd add this scrolling lyrics box that takes way too long to load and then I decided scrollbars do the same thing in an interactive (manual labour)type way. I make no appologies for the fact that the bars appear as a hideous combo of maroon and green in Internet Explorer. I didn't notice that for the longest time because I use Firefox not IE. Now that I do know I can't fix it because I like the garishness - so if enough people complain I may be finding time to fix the glaringly ugly :)

One day I'll figure out how to have a stationary background with a scrolling overlay and it'll be pure chaos here :) It'll actually be pretty. In the meantime I have to go to sleep on time and make an effort to get up and look for another job and all that fun, the stuff I don't really wanna do. I think I want to devolve and become a real hardcore slacker, the kind that needs a kit kat break from the long day of doing fuck all. Can you tell I haven't had a real vacation since 1991?

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