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12 September 2005

i wanted to believe in something :
Yes I know, the mental playlist is late - again. But I did warn y'all alst week that I'm all shook up with this work rearrangement. Anyhoo how was your weekend? Mine's not quite over yet.

Yesterday I was snookered into helping with the total cleaning of pt's old aprtment. It was supposed to be a trip to the movies the evolved into do this for me and I'll take you to my birthday dinner. Funnily enough I'm the ONLY friend of hers that showed up to help. Her other best friend got to come to dinner anyways and I had to hear all about that party last weekend that I was invited to but never actually picked up for. Yea it was definitely making me feel like CHUMPy the friend here.

I didn't get called in advance of the seige of clean so I was laying in bed just waking to the day when I get a call saying they're in town and coming to get me. SO off I went with no breakfast and no time to do anything but get dressed and grab myself the essentials and go. In the end we didn't even get pt the DQ cake, she wouldn't have it (they got her and her brother a chocolate cake - and I'm sure she told me anything BUT chocolate). I ended up getting her 2 bags of candy and a 5 Alive drink for her presents. Yea I feel special.

Way before this all went down and I got that killer dust/cat/farm allergy headache. I asked if I could have her furniture, specifically her couches. The couches looked great in the apartment. Once they were moved out int to the light of day they looked and smelt like shit. Heavily abused as scratching posts, missing legs and all sorts of good fun. If she had mentioned they were beat up I'd have known but I had no idea how USED they were from the couple of times I hung out there. I didn't take that couch because one of the legs was ripped off. I took the loveseat and it monopolised the remaining space in my bachelor. I did get a new monitor but I don't know if it works yet - haven't plugged it in.

So I get home last night and the place reeks. I don't know what that love seat was exposed to, but I swear it smelled like it had been dipped in used oil, gasoline and manure. I have deposited it outside in the take me area. I know pt would be disappointed but I have a whitelie in hand for that. I'm gonna tell her the legs came off while I was moving it (they so could have because they're all fucked up) so I put it out of it's misery. I can move in my apartment at least.

Onto the mental palylist:

10) believe - the chemical brothers
9) when the night feels my song - bedouin soundclash
8) basement apartment - sarah harmer
7) black - pearl jam
6) feeling too damn good - nickleback
5) this is how a heartbreaks - rob thomas
4) cool - gwen stefani
3) shake ya tailfeather - nelly, p. diddy and others
2) one thing - finger eleven
1) broken - seether w/ amy lee

Just so you know I'm off for shopping and movies today and blogging should go back to normal this week, but no promises for the consistency of the palylist. It'll probably be Monday til I get my next shift; which looks so far like I'll have the weekends off, but it's not final yet and things can so change.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 9:18 AM

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