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05 September 2005

i never tried to reach your eden :
Today I was a great person for cleaning up and making out like a bandit. I got a rather nice dresser for free, someone in the building was throwing it out. It has forced me to redecorate a bit but hey - I now have a place to put things that I didn't have before. There are three large drawers and the top one is already full. Now all I need is that bed and the computer desk ;P

I know I've been remiss again, the playlist is again late. Since Mondays are now my Sundays you may have to get used to it til the end of the moneth. I went to the length of taking off anonymous comments to stop the spam BS, Cookie your aren't missing anything in having to delete the things. Really. Thanks for the heads up all. I'm sorry if this keeps you from posting, I may put them back with that squiggly word thing for verification, but I don't like having to fill out those squigly word things myself so I don't know. I went by Haloscan to check that out and I may do that instead, get rid of blogger comments altogether - but it sounds like work right now and I already have a mind numbing job.

My Evil weekend went ok I sold about 7 things all weekend - which goes against the getting fired thing. I did how ever show a ginormously negative attitude to my manager and hope that counteracts any selling goodness I may have had. Working Saturday and spent too much Sunday and today, has made me feel oh so hostile and evil so I feel I succeeded adding my spin to G-lo's Evil weekend. I have to get back to goodness tomorrow and get laundry money or people will be fleeing from me in droves I suspect.

So I will leave you for now with the Mental playlist. Thanks for waiting :)

10) Eden - Sarah Brightman
9) You Wanted More - Tonic
8) God is a DJ - Pink
7) Love Will Come Through - Travis
6) Boys of Summer - Don Henley
5) Promise - Eve 6
4) All Fired Up - Pat Benetar
3) Bad Day - Fuel
2) Consequence Free - Great Big Sea
1) Bigger Than My Body - John Mayer

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