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From the ghost land of the easy life.

13 September 2005

i just want something i can never have :
I'm back, didja miss me? Incase anyone wondered - I don't watch sports, so all the football excitement and future references to Superbowl commercials will be lost on me. I like football movies, I'm bored by footbal games. And I have been to them and I have frozen for the team and I have been sick because of it, for the sake of my friends. Never again, don't care how good looking the next football loving guy is - really.

I went to work. I came home. I returned the rented, but late movies and the nice cashier killed the late fees and I didn't ask/beg/bribe. I went prepared to pay and I came away with money in hand. More or less. I got pop tarts and a pepsi lime ok? I'm having a junk food dinner because I'm lazy and I can. Let's hear it for heatwave 2005 revisited - where no one wanting to eat will ever cook again. EVER. I'll be sweating it in the crazy sheets later on, because it's a freaking heatwave.

I didn't get a digital camera yet. I did get a new(is) printer/ scanner/ photocopier. Which means I can scan pics I already have and there fore I could put some old pics of me up. Since I look nothing today like I did way back when it's a safe bet only my closest family could use the pics to pick me out of a lineup now, and even that IS debatable.

It's amazing to me how many people are having birthdays this time of year. I whine because I'm a dead of winter January girl, born on the evilest of working days - Monday!!!!!!! - to boot. I'm not sure what if anything will happen for my birthday, but the people formerly referred to as my family (I'm told real family doesn't act like them so I'm giving into the Prince thing and renaming them) have decided that I'm now invited to Christmas but even if I decide to buy them presents (and I'd better) I will not/should not/cannot expect to get anything form them PERIOD. OOH. See I was UNCLEAR about THAT, thanks for the heads up.

I want to say to my best friend from college the card is in the mail, hope it gets there by Friday. You share the birthday (I think I may be wrong about the day) with that unfortunate fugly frenemy girl. Unlike her you always have time for me. She, on the other hand, has loads of time for me now that the boys of summer are gone. I'm sorry Opaco - I don't know who won Canadian Idol, it was too boring to bear once Amber Fleury left. CTV.ca is the best way to find that out. I'm already wondering what from this season I will miss beacuse my new shift is going to be 3.30 to midnight for 4 months (unless something GREAT happens).

I'm going to be stretched getting the lowdown and copy of everything I want to see. I'm only now realizing the Earl (Jason Lee) will butt heads with NCIS (Mark Harmon!!!!!!) and me with one vcr and such a pathetic social life I'm filling up my free time with tv. Not to diss my social life but half of it moves to Montreal the end of next week, th other half is tied down by massively over protective parents now, and y - the disappeared; returned to the scene with a new man and no time for socailness. Yea she's that kinda girl. Really aren't we all in some way?

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This just crossed my mind:
IF I was one dimensional, would I be thinner? So thin I'd be see through, like onion paper? I used that to trace things when I was younger and I wanted to draw the picture perfectly. Always been a perfectionist :)
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:21 PM

MenTal fUrbAll