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02 September 2005

i fake it so real i am beyond fake :
Autumn is here. I love it cool in the evenings. Sweating the day away worrying you're infected with some sickness or other is more worhtwhile when you've left your evil heart crushing soul destroying telemarketing job and can walk home gaily in the cool night air with your own walkman soundtrack. I am so trying to make the best of things today. Sometimes just chatting with co-workers makes hanging yourself in the ladies' so less attractive. Not that I would, the ceilings aren't high enough for it :P

Ok enough gallows humour. No more dirge songs, for a while anyways. At least until Sunday, who knows what the playlist will churn out. I needed a break. A Mental Health day. I have been mis popularity and it really messes up my loner ways. Sometimes I just need to chillax with myself, spin some funky music and lose the day. That won't be happening anytime soon as I'm miss popularity again this next while. Darn! Maybe I'll get to see some more of pt's fine cousins, Damn!!!! And I mean it. There's supposed to be a party this weekend and I was invited but pt's still out of sorts with the whole break up and all, I'm not sure she even remembers inviting me.

And someday. I will be able to actually type remember without spell checking. Right now I am afflicted by the always e and occasionally dropped m. Rememeber emember erememeber rememebere remeber reember. Yes I want to University. I may have a rare form of tourette's that affects my fingers which leads to bad spelling, double and triple posting of comments and, well zaniness. Why not zaniness? Since it's a long weekend I don't know how much people will stop by but I will still post, if my feeble mindedness lets me come up with anything even remotely interesting. Keep your fingers crossed for me ok??

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:27 PM

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