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28 September 2005

even when you've paid enough been put upon or been held up :
Well there are these guys at work who decided to put up a stink about the PCed peanut butter and jam day at work. The girls gossiped as usual about the whole affair, how it was blown out of proportion and caused the day to turn el stupido. The guys, they took it to a whole new level.

I know there are people with very serious allergies to nuts and even the slightest exposure is very bad. I also know there is no such person at my workplace. If there was we would not have peanut products available in the vending machines and every new hire would have to be informed that bringing peanut butter sandwhiches and or nuts and such is a NO NO. This is not the case. However when work decided to make nice to the tortured employees with a peanut butter and jam day, someone went on a rampage about their allergy to peanut butter.

So the peanut butter was cancelled. Replaced by honey and bananas. Then a stink was made how diabetics could not eat any of that. So 2 jars of sugar free jam were supplied but never eaten. The 24 loaves of white bread supplied were pretty much used well, but I don't eat white bread unless I have to and I didn't. There was even PC margarine there for those who can't eat bread without butter, Don't get me started on jams and butter/margarine. YUCK.

The real stink ensued when these three guys, all at different times, felt compelled to come by and tell me how pathetic that the whole PC day was. The first a little guy, very nice, having bread, margarine and jam. He's on about how they go to all this trouble to provide us a treat, kill the peanut butter for the one person who DIDN"T EVEN BOTHER TO COME TO WORK TODAY ANYWAYS. He's telling me like I know who he's even talking about. Then comes guy 2, taller, louder, word for word diatribe of small guy's. Small guy cuts off tall with an "Are you alright? Are you gonna be alright?" Tall guy pipes down. Doesn't mention the whole bit about the allergic one being nowhere around. Guess he doesn't know that person either. Last guy comes. Curses the lack of peanut butter and how it's against ELVIS to just have a banana and bread sandwhich. Yea I said Elvis.

So I'm sitting there wondering if I wanted to email management and tell them I break out in hives when I eat the Texas carrot muffins do you think they'd force the food people to stop bringing them and maybe we'd get chocolate ones more often? Or maybe just plain carrot. I have no problem with plain old anying muffins. But those Texas carrot ones, no matter where I get them from, give me hives everytime.

So there you go RaJ the PCed PB&J story. Tall guy is on my team and he lives alone, he was telling someone on the phone the other day. I am scoping the guys at work, there bas to be someone there I can grow a crush on. Then at least I'd be doing something constructive with my time, something based in reality. Plus I'm so cute right now, I've caught the eye of the office flake and potential cross dresser and this tall young thing with a growing out mohawk and a newly minted non smoker status. If I keep it up I may be able to attract the eye of someone I'd even want to talk to.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:50 AM

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