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From the ghost land of the easy life.

24 September 2005

'cause i've been known to get it wrong :
It's cold outside today. Unless you are standing directly in the sun. I'm not working. I need the me time and the time to organise my house. Incase you haven't guessed my place is the dumping ground of my friends. I now have 2 13 inch mono tv's and 2 digital cable boxes and 2 printers and no room in my living room because I also have a second computer monitor here. I'm so full of stuff I have nowhere to put, it's not funny.

I wanted to clean out the storage closet and get rid of stuff this weekend. Now I have twice as much stuff to get rid of. Funny how junk multiplies out of good intentions. By this time next month I'll also have a second hand stereo and a new CDR-RW I pray. It took an hour and a half to install my printer today, that's how well the one I have now works. It's a total piece of shit. Really, I'm not lying. It's been so since I got the tower but I didn't care because I had another one. I need to go get that back from my evil sister.

I had some deep thoughts the other night but I've put them aside so I can be fluffy and all about cleaning and having pizza with the girls later (if they remember). Either way I have laundry to do and some movies to get and some chips to snack on. Ah beer budget dreams. How I've missed thee.

So I thnk I snapped out of my funk, but we'll see if that's right later on when work comes a calling again. I don't like the idea of going there and I'm so bored when I am there but it's money right and that puts all my second hand goods in the living room and food on the table right? I thought so.

I'm not sure where the new season of Lost is going with crazy irishmen and bizarre abductions. I'm probably not going to keep up with watching America's Next Top Model, but I'll read the summaries on my tv guide pages. I'm wondering how long they're going to keep the mystery of the second hand that buried Nick Stokes going and I can't wait to find out what Logan did this summer on Veronica Mars.

I'd give it all up for a good date but that's not happening anytime soon. Mostly because I never go out to the 20 something infested bars. I'm not cougar enough to find it exciting to pick up the young guys around here. Damn skippy I'm a bit put off by the age difference, especially since the guys are all 19-22 that are showing interest. It wouldn't be too bad except I feel bad becaues they are so young, it's like I'm babysitting them or something. I really need to wrinkle up or something, so I look older and I can then attract guys closer to my age, at least ones I won't feel guilty about. And I'm thinking that looking a bit older would be good to get the adulterers off my case too, because I'm not a cheater and I ain't cheating with you.

I know, I know. When the time is right it'll happen. Now if only I wasn't so impatient. Know where I can get one of those virtue implants everyone has been talking about? Well they should be talking about it, it would be cool don't cha think? Anyways I'm off to clean and organise my world.

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