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19 September 2005

all the things you hide from me all the shit that you do :
The EX has turned up again. Demanding money he already said I didn't have to pay him back. I'd like to be magnanimous and give him the money, but he'd come back for more. The email actually says if I already paid to disregard it. Like he doesn't know if I paid or not. I didn't pay the money back, I didn't have it and then he called me up and told me I had told him I was never repaying it anyways. Since I hadn't spoken to him in months (I don't call or write or anything)I hadn't said anything of the sort. He told me since I was never going to give it back he had given up and it wasn't an issue anymore. He wasn't expecting and didn't want it back. We were calling it even. Fast forward 4 months and he's trying to scare it out of me.

Must have lost his job or his girlfriend, or both. Maybe mommy and daddy cut him off. Not a good time to come looking for money from me. Loser does it with this important sounding email too, like sounding like a bill collector will make me give money to him. What an ass. I'm not afraid, what's he going to do sue me? I'll counter for the cost of the divorce, half the furniture and every liquor charge on my credit cards ever. Have no idea if that would fly, but it adds up to WAY more than he says I owe him. Add in travel and accomodations and it'd be a bad idea all the way around.

Why is it whenever you feel life is finally kissing you on the cheek, it turns around and bitch slaps you in the face. Why doesn't he just die already? Then I could be a merry widdow :)

Ah Mondays, always a kick in the face, no matter how you slice it I find. I hope he just forgets I exist. I hope a lot, mostly that he just goes away and never comes back, ever. That he forewards ready to sign divorce papers to me and they say he'll never bother me ever again EVER. And that his entire family will NEVER come near me EVER again. It seems so long ago but just like yesterday I'm unhappy all over again. See fear is a stronger force on memory than even scent. I fear the stupidity and ugliness and violence that man and his wacko family can bring to my life. I also fear that I'll never be rid of his money grubbing ass. He's a liar and I should have known he would come back for that money, even after he said he didn't want it back. There's no such thing as even in his world. There's always someone who owes him something that he's going to get back. Must be my turn on the Asshole-Go-Round.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:19 PM

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