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16 August 2005

you never thought to question why it's not like you killed someone :
Keanu the gorgeous Posted by Picasa

I gave myself an assignment. To find out if Keanu was infact just number 3. I don’t know what I was thinking but apparently I am a movie lover and will watch just about anything. I now have a totally unscientific list of my favourite and most watched male stars. Maybe I’ll make a list of the ladies, if I ever have the energy. This was tough. Lemme tell ya!!!

I decided to break it down by sections. We have a few categories starting with:
The Top Five:
These guys I’ll go see no, matter what.

1)* Bruce Willis
2) *Keanu Reeves
3) *Samuel L Jackson
4) *John Cusack
5) *Nicolas Cage

The Older Gents:
(Well Technically they all qualify but really some are older than others)

Cary Grant. He shares my birthday and had an amazing voice. North by Northwest anyone?
*Tommy Lee Jones. The guy just has the Southern Charm all over.
*Sean Connery. I grew up with John Wayne and James Bond, and that accent just rules.
Michael Caine. Still the better Alfie.
Armand Assante. I wanted to be his little darling, which was so illegal.
Robert Redford. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid started something
Harrison Ford. Han Solo. Indy. Who can ask for more?
*Mel Gibson. Those eyes and that smile had me watching his movies for years. Not so into the hair plugs.
*Jeff Bridges. He was too old for me when I first saw him, but he stole my heart anyways.

The Odds:
For various reasons these guys aren’t the usual suspects but they are so great.

*Christopher Walken. He is so cool. I bet he’s a laugh riot in real life.
*Val Kilmer. He still has it.
*Christopher Lambert. Great fun in any language.
*Johnny Depp. He’s watchable, which isn’t so easy to pull off in drag.
Kevin Bacon / John Travolta. I never know what I’m getting here. Dancing, killing, psychic phenomena.

If I Can Find Thems:
Hard to find at the video store but so worth it.

*Jean Reno. I want to watch French Cinema just for him.
Gerard Depardieu. He is why I started watching French films.
*Eric Stoltz. He’s been in an amazing array of films, most of which are amazingly hard to find. AND he has red hair!

Acquired Tastes:
I grew to want to watch them in films.

*George Clooney. The early tv years didn’t say much for what he became.
*Pierce Brosnan. I never cared that my dad said he ran like a girl, but I worried that he wouldn’t make it in films because of it.
*Wesley Snipes. Seriously he’s fun to watch.
*Antonio Banderas. Geeky doesn’t begin to describe his early roles. Definitely getting better with age.
*Timothy Hutton. I don’t know when or where but I caught the Tim fever.

The Young Turks:
I’m watching these guys because I can and it’s worth it.

Josh Hartnett. Michael Vartan. Seth Green. Jesse Bradford. *Sam Rockwell. Paul Walker. *Jason Statham. Scott Speedman. Christopher Gorham. *Jason Lee. Joaquin Phoenix. Shane West. Don Cheadle. Thomas Jane. Ryan Gossling.

The Break Ups Who Won’t Go Away:

Tom Cruise. I always thought he was weird. I grew up watching his movies but over the years I’ve seen less and less of them because, well he's arrogant and that sucks and he can’t act IMHO.

A number of these guys (Nic, Keanu, John C, Wes, Bruce, Eric, Val, Kevin, Tim, Mel, Sam J, John T, George, Pierce, Johnny) came onto the scene when I was a kid and I’ve grown up with them. Some are really aging better than others, but they all keep doing interesting work and I keep watching - Even when I swear I never will watch anything they do again.

I’ve only fully broken up with the Cruise. I appreciate Brad Pitt, but really only in Ocean’s 11 and 12. I probably missed a whack of worth mentionings but hey, gotta leave something for the other posts right?

Keep Blogging.
*He’s in it I’m watching the movie.
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