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From the ghost land of the easy life.

17 August 2005

you know i still believe that you will be here :
For over 3 weeks I have been doing nothing more mentally challenging then remembering the words to songs I like. Now we are being tested and let onto the salesfloor with very little idea of what we're really expected to do and whether or not we can actually do it. Training sucks!!!!!!!!!!

I did not have not been certified
I am not will not lose my mind
I will so do so take my time
I am not can not be certified.

I realize that doesn't make a lot of sense but my give a damn is busted :P

I chalk that crack up to the fact there is entirely too much country music being played in my vacinity and it's seeping into my brain. I need mental weeping tile.

On the gossip front the fidiot girl who didn't know the boys were calling her a whore - found out today. She was ripping but playing all passive aggeressive twit shit with the boys all afternoon. And then there's y, from the other night. She didn't call or come to pick me up for work today as she was supposed to. I ended up paying like 6 bucks to cab in. She's there acting all like nothing happened and doesn't want to talk about it. I think I have moved down on her list of friend s and this is her way of 'telling' me. More passive aggressive bullshit. I'm going to get the poisoning again I swear.

Seriously I just want to scream at people who do this passive aggressive shit - just get off your ass and come out with it. It saves time, feelings, lives. I don't confront them anymore tho. I used to and that was like just asking for the Olympics of p-a to begin. And these people always have tonnes of hidden allies who are there to make your life a living p-a hell. I don't need that shit. I'll just sit here with Marvin the Martian and say "You make me very very angry."

So I'm busy working out the other people I have to hang with. Right now there is a small assortment of them avaiable and it's nice to have choices. The p-a haters can all go choke on smoke and obsess themselves into oblivion - nuff said.

Instead of obsessing about work, like I should be because I don't even want to become an inbound/outbound sales rep and I'm so pissed NONE Of the other jobs I've applied for have called me - I'm dreaming of costume parties. Third night running now I've been at some costume party. Last night I was with a bunch of girls and we were all dressed like black cats and acting like characters from Sex and the City. Then I got into this giant ass truck and there was this guy I don't know but to look at, in the front seat. He's the fiancé of one of the girls I was with, and the guys up there with him, including the driver, all seemed to be buddies. They convinced me to get in and then took off leaving everyone else behind, including the fiancé. It was just weird. I felt kinda like I was being kidnapped, only I willingly went so it was weird. Then I woke up.

I guess Keanu woke up the other night and swore to himself that he was never dreaming about the KY Jelly warming liquid girl again - because he hasn't been around. Hell if it is true that the people you dream of are dreaming of you I don't want to know what I was doing or what the dreams were about for any of the people I've ever dreamt of. Let's face it, I have a wacko imagination and some of the stuff I do with people in dreams prompts people to ask me repeatedly if I take drugs.

I do not.

I don't need to , I have these dreams you see :P

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 5:30 PM

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