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From the ghost land of the easy life.

23 August 2005

you gave me life now show me how to live :
I have a pair of comfy pants that look like a painting of clouds on a cerulean blue sky. When I look out my wee windows, through the mesh bug screen, the stop motion sky parades clouds by and I'm mezmerised.

How many lifetimes have I lived to get to this place? There is no way to count. I am infinite and yet I am only now. I have blue eyes and no one sees what I see. Life is subjective.

I object to being a telemarketer so much so tonight I applied for 5 jobs, only one of which is in town. Calgon take me away from here to a sweet smelling man and a dream my heart won't let go of.

Even as I'm pushing away from you, I can get distance on myself and recognise I am sinning against your innocence. You don't know me. I am the kid the bullies pushed in the ditch. I won't hesitate to take you down with me. Karma in my left hand, big old blade in my right.

I worry for you, my friend. I cry for you. The world is cruel. I am a part of it and crueler still. I will bend you to my will, as I have been bent by you. I will one day leave and never again think of you.

Is this true? Maybe from time to time a mind wonders. What once was comes to pass again. I think in ryhtms. I talk in rhymes. I love men. I humbly appologise WHEN and IF proven wrong. I will sing you a song if you listen long enough. I sing to everyone.

Onr day, when your famous smile makes a fool of the world, cutie. You will remember me and think of the cerulean blue of my eye. History repeats. Don't let your dreams die.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:16 PM

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