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13 August 2005

they want your soul and your body blood and your bones :
So last night kept me from sitting home in a big ass snit at least. My sister owes me money and is again, not paying me back, as promised. She knew this days ago and instead of telling me she lied to me again and again saying it was a go to get the tv. I've been waiting to get the new 20" stereo tv I want til she pays me back. I know 20" ain't much but I have only a 13" mono one now so it's big to me. She doesn't get that tho, she's all pissed I'm mad at her and is saying stupid shit like she'll kill herself so I can have the insurance. That bitch ain't insured.

Anyways the party was great. The party was lame. The girls with the ice took forever to show up so the drinking started late. The girl holding the party didn't even want to invite half the people that came. I didn't want to be the only one invited and so I asked to invite x and y, party holding girl didn't want y there but oked x. X told y and z about the party and they invited themselves. Y was mad at me for not inviting her in the first place and to teach me a lesson (I supposed then), took off early with x and z leaving me to watch Sweet Home Alabama with party thrower(pt). While that movie has 2 relatively sweet looking men in it, I hated the thing the first time I saw it and that has not changed. Points to me for being tortured by this and Dirty Dancing Havana Nights - innumerable.

Pt had promised all sorts of fun and games, which is why I was going - but I wanted tag alongs. Now pt and I get on like a house on fire. She's great fun and really nice, we'll probably be friends forever. Pt is a sweet child but being a fiancé and all, she is all about nesting and in that way, a terrible bit boring - and I didn't want to be bored so I asked if some others I know could come.

In all fairness this was introduced to me as a get together of all pt's friends, none of which I know - and I'm thinking now that it may have been put on because she wants me to be involved in her wedding somehow and wanted her pals to meet me. Both her friends were, unfriendly. The one left almost right away, to go bowling, but not before bitching about it endlessly for hours it seemed. The other loosened up after bowling bitch was gone. It wasn't the best party scene when all pt's friends left then all the xyz girls left and the drinks had barely begun.

I was miffed. I went to a lot of trouble to make piña coladas and no one wanted any - becvause they were planning on leaving me there because I was the only invited one and I hadn't invited Y personally. Y admitted as much to me today, and I told her I couldn't inviter her to pt's party if pt didn't want me to. I'm not trying to make enemies here, but let's be straight up, it's not my party and I don't get to make the guest list. I asked who I could and if pt's pissed at x (which I don't know nothing was said to me) for inviting y and z then they all should talk about it - I'm steering clear.

See I was suffering from passive agressive bullshit poisoning last night. I would have rather been suffering from Captain Morgan poisoning, really. Today, being another day I slept late and went off to get sunburn and things done. By the time I hooked up with y I had gotten replacement batteries for my cd player, shopped walmart, canadian tire, staples and circuit city for a stereo and ended up buying a home theatre set from The Hock Shop. So far it's damn cool and I have to wait a bit to see if it works well as a stereo. Unfortunately it didn't do much to make my Constantine DVD sound good and I'm wondering if there's such a possibilty that the thing was just made wrong, with bad sound. I have to crank the new system up to like 20-35 to hear the talking in Constantine and with all my other DVD's 9-12 is way more than enough.

Other spiffy news - x gave me a blender. I'm so happy I want to make margueritas just to celebrate. I don't really want to drink right now tho. I'm not hanging or anything, I just don't want to sleep late tomorrow than not sleep til late tomorrow night and have to go to work early Monday and all. It will ruin my week, it always does being tired on Monday. I can be zombie Amber any other day of the week, just not Monday.

So unhappy hour is over, enjoy the surround sound while ya can k?

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