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From the ghost land of the easy life.

15 August 2005

please forgive all the disturbance i've created :
***Warning you may find this offensive. You've been warned so shut up.***

Do you believe that when you dream about someone they, in turn, are dreaming about you? Now I have people I don't know in my dreams frequently. Usually shortly after the dream I meet the people in real-life. I'm odd like that. I also can't drink alcohols with artificial flavours, you don't want to know why (but I'll tell you if you ask cuz I'm shameless).

So there I am last night, watching The Replacements and having a grand old time. I love that movie and I'll probably wear out the VHS copy I have because I watch it that much. It makes me laugh, it makes me tear and I imagine it may be like CATS. Never saw it so I dunno. Now for those of you unaware I really love Keanu Reeves. I don't know him but he is #3 on the list of men I have faithfully devoted my movie going time to. #2 is the dashing and funny Mel Gibson and #1 is the awesome Bruce Willis. I found Bruce in Moonlighting and have stayed with him since. I never blame Bruce for a bad movie, there is always a writer/director/editor/studio to blame. I Love Bruce.

After spending the day with an hour and half walk around town for the hades of it, getting groceries, doing dishes and cleaning the house like a good girl - I kicked back to menatlly chill. David Duchovny, Tate Donovan and Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves and finally John Cusack (in Grosee Point Blank) helped. Two dashing, charming tall dark and handsomes' back to back must have done something to me (Not counting David because he was going on too early to hit the fun slide to dream time(and Tate is ugly- sorry)). I had interesting dreams

So there I was, in my dream, having been dared to go as KY Jelly for Halloween - at a party. Keanu is there, and he IS talking to me. Fucking A right there. Now get this, he's dressed as a condom! Ya. He's all laughing about how we should hook up, there's no way we can't win the best costume competition. It's all about us, hands down. He's saying it's like fate. Then he wants to know why I decided to come dressed as I am. And I'm explaining to him that I didn't want to come as a tube of lube so I decided to come as a bottle of KY Warming - and he cuts me off by saying he really likes the stuff and then he takes my hand and




Damn. But I was smiling all day.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 6:48 PM

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