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20 August 2005

never made it as a wise man :
So the partay's over. Apparently telling random people about a party will prompt them not only to say they may show, but to actually show. Me and PT ended up having drinks with this we-don't-know-his-name guy. I was telling him about the soirée at work, while trying to help him validate a sale. He didn't really know what I was talking about for the sale so he blew it. I know at some point in my career at the job, he told me his name, but I suck at remembering things I never use, so I forgot it. I know he doesn't remember my name either so we're even.

So we're here, 2 chicky/silly flicks, some chinese delivery and cooler/jack daniels and pepsi lime on ice. Then we-don't-know-his-name comes by. Now PT coulda, and had millions of opportunities to ask his name, but didn't take 'em. I think she was too busy obsessing about her fiancé's whereabouts. I wonder about her and him because she seems to be very obsessed with him and where he is and why he doesn't call/check messages/use common curtosey when going out for hours on end - also known as calling to let her know he's alive. She was fairly frothy about it by 10.30 and went home to call around to find him. How do I know? Because she accidentally called here looking for him, thinking it was a friend of his' place. Woo doggy.

We-don't-know-his-name stayed on to watch the end of the second movie. He was falling asleep before it was even half way through. He lives close to the video place and volunteered to drop them off for me. He left at 11.45 and sometime after that I realized it was raining and hoped he didn't get caught in the rain. It's chilly tonight and I don't want to be the girl that w-d-k-h-n guy got pnuemonia from partaying with.

I am ashamed to say I drank them both under the table. Pt got down 2 of a 4 pack of coolers, w-d-k-h-n got through his 4 pack, and I polished off an entire mickey of JD before either of them was done their final drink. I was not stumbling, slurring or otherwise visibly impaired. Apparently I am now a drinking goddess. Gee I was dying for that one title. In other news, I impressed the hell out of 14 different people by appearing to be 20-24 years old when my driver's licence and other documentation distinctly says 34.5+ years. I was just rolling in the wow factor today.

At least the partay got off the ground early, went long enough and ended with no one being ditched or left out. I'm not sure everyone had the good time they were looking for - sorry w-d-k-h-n guy but I am shallower than I appear - still no one went away pissed off, insulted or left behind. Someone may have gotten home soaking wet but I won't know about that for sure til Monday and by then I can blame anyone's pnuemonia on something I dream up over the next few days.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 1:29 AM

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