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21 August 2005

love was just a fast car and i was just a cross in the road :
I don't like censorship. I removed Blogger's (and your) ability to Flag me. I believe it is my right to say what I want your right right to leave comments about it. If you don't like my place you don't have to come by or stay even, it's not like I've perfected the way of turning my blog into THE ONLY BLOG you can ever read again.

I have been seriously thinking that if I can utilize this flaw in Firefox thet causes all my open windows to spontaneously display a Blogger Not Found page everytime I read a Blogger blog and have another window open that I try to change pages in. If I can exploit that to display my page and my page only, but like all the time. Well I could have lots of readership. No one can rat me out because my page will be the ONLY ONE and well, there's no FLAG button. Evil genius IS ME.

NEWays. I went out yesterday til the wee hours and was indulging in a friends' new digital cable. Not that exciting really. I ate some homemade cooking and was, again, asked to be someone's roommate. This girl, we'll call her chile, smokes as well, but not as much as y. She is has a latin man who drives a truck and always wants to meet me and hook me up with his friends. Her offer is better because it's cheaper rent, but then again she is a smoker and I'm worried about lung infections. Y has one as we speak, she's lost 6 pounds from it and is so happy.

Aside from being this weeks drinking goddess I also appear to be CANADA'S #1 ROOMMATE choice, the girl everyone wants to hang with and not quite broke yet. Life's good. Now you'll have to excuse me while I go vacuum, do laundry and wash my raging hair - it's gone all brillo pad for no reason and if it's not careful I'll put a clipper hit on it - I've done it before. Ooh the joys of having no personal hairdressers and maids :)

I'll be back later with the mental playlist and I do thank you guys for coming by and reading and commenting. It's always warm fuzzies when getting a comment I swear. And Lyvvie - I think you could use lemon coke as alternative to pepsi lime. Or you could just put lime juice in your soda of choice and then some JD and see if it works. Long ago I discovered this store brand pop that was just cola with lime. They stopped selling it soon after and haven't brought it back. Since they don't sell it anymore I took to buying Realime(heard of Realemon?) or fresh limes and adding them to the soda I was drinking. Now it's pepsi lime for the not having to do the extra step, and if it goes away I'll go back to Realime. I don't like the artificial flavourings for citrus tho, they give me hives or worse if it's in liquor, so just make sure it has natural flavours. Then have at it :)

Keep blogging.
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MenTal fUrbAll