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31 August 2005

i'm just another heart in need of rescue :
Got this from Opaco and his pals:

Final Score: 139.5


It cheered me up to do this, it took a while to realize all of the songs. Sometimes you're in dire search of the melody.

For Rockstar I want Marty to win. Suzie is ok but I don't love her. I thought Jordis would take it but Cate's right she's a bit too smiley (NOT for The Man Who Sold The World tho). Marty, well - he growed on me and I can't shake him. JD is too arrogant and ticking me off. Suzie often looks attacked but an indecisive need to rip off Terri Nun. She's no Terri. Maybe that's why I'm not her biggest fan?

I still hate my job, but I'm getting numb about it. I'm actually awake right now so I have to entertain myself as the telly isn't so much fun right now, unless I want to watch endless reruns of CSI. At this rate I'll never have to buy a DVD set because there's an episode on like very hour somewhere. I did catch the X-File again tonight. I'm so loving seeing it again on tv, with commercials. It's just like the first time, only not in black and white on a wee 10 inch tv. David Duchovny is so much cuter in colour and 13 inches of screen. I remember why I wanted to be Scully again :) She so has a better job than me.

So I'm all jealous of pt, she's getting a brand new car. She said we'll go places and do things. I said watch out I'll be planning weekend excursions to Toronto and such. Then we agreed that city drivers are insane and the weekend trip would be something like going close to the city and then using public transit to get around. Yea I'm all for defensive driving but I still prefer to not worry about the insane drivers out there when I can let other people worry about them for me - hence the public transportation leanings. Of course the transpo drivers can be the worst drivers of all. Ottawa alone boasts some of the most heinous granny killers and turn missers around. But hey, someone has to do it right?

BTW, any idea how bad that jealousy is for my karma?

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