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02 August 2005

gonna go down in flames :
So last week I mised the Canadian Idol post. They shot down Ashley Lataio (I may have mis-spelled this) and everyone was shocked cuz she was 'a front runner' - according to the Mulroney. I didn't think her performance was that good so I can see why she got booted. Now, I'm still voting for myself - err Amber Fleury, but even I have to admit her performances are less than exciting. Sure she sounds good but she is not Ms. Charisma. Girl needs a hairstylist too.

the break down from 80's night:

Jesse James (Cher) - Amber Fleury
sounds like a radio broadcast, complete with the non existant visuals
judges were blase

Every Breath You Take (The Police) - Rex Goudy
he doesn't have the pipes to pull this off, sounds like he's in pain hitting the notes
judges were mean

Like A Prayer (Madonna) - Casey LeBlanc
good voice but she stumbled and seized in the beginning, loosened up in the end
judges were unmerciful - said she sang ok but doesn't sell it

Tainted Love (Soft Call) - Daryl Brunt
he's sixteen, sings well but is unsure and comes across as someone soon to be defeated by puberty
judges think he's odd but he's growing on them - Sass "You're the Jerry Lewis of the idols."

Heatbreaker (Pat Benetar) - Suzi Rawn
aside from looking spastic with her dancing, she sang well and sold it
judges love her
-lab boy - there is nothing wrong with a girl who can put a pop can in her mouth, just don't be suprised if her dental bills are high

Working For the Weekend (Lover Boy) - Aaron Walpole
he was ok, really hyper and goes kinda operatic in places
judges loved him, except Zack who decided a full body tat shirt was the way to go in lieu of commentary - attention seeker

In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) - Josh Palmer
he got the words wrong, and stepped on the beat, strangled a cat for some notes - really over thought it
judges loved his guts, loved him, they're on 80's drugs

Holding Out For a Hero (Bonnie Tyler) - Melissa O'Neil
she was too fast in the beginning, but got it right quickly and sounded good enough
judges liked it, every last one of them - Zach too - see 80's drugs
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 8:07 PM

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