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03 August 2005

fidiots, frenemies and the truly fugly :

There are people with black, black hearts. There are people with the worst intentions in mind at all times and there are the mean and wheedling. Welcome to my world lately.

I may be the black-hearted one here because I truly am disgusted by the sheer levels of stupidity and immaturity I see daily. I'm starting to feel like a schoolteacher who wants to beat her charges down, possibly for what others would say is no good reason. I guess this is the reason they wouldn't let me into teacher's college :P

For some reason I am enraged by the fidiocy of the youth I’m surrounded by. The cheap name-calling. The poor girl who’s basically been labeled the slut and has all the guys rapt derisive attention. She really doesn’t know that they are making fun of her and talking about how cheap and easy she is. None of them have had her but it only takes one mistake to get that rep in a small town. Her heinous crime? She decided she was in love with this guy, who has a girlfriend and is marrying that g-f. Not only did she openly moon over him, chase him, tell everyone who would listen he was her soul mate. Email him, go on dates with him and openly displayed desire for him –in front of his girlfriend. She then decided to go on a trip with him. Shortly after the trip the rumours started and she had a brand new fan club. She already had a fan club of looking for a bit on the side guys, but now every single guy in the building knows her name and calls her down while trying to gauge their chances. What a fidiot. All of them.

Of course this girl is dumb as a stump and thinks they like her for her personality. Her rack was taking her places but the affinity for some rather nasty exploits is what’s keeping the men talking. I can hear them. She seems oblivious. There are even a few guys she really thinks are looking out for her and are her pals. Frenemies one and all. She wouldn’t listen to us girls when we warned her and it doesn’t matter now if the guy she was in love with or his girlfriend started the rumour. She is a grade a dirty ditch pig lay and all the guys are positively frothing in excitement over having one to play with and seeing how far she will go. After all, apparently she got all nutso over this other guy who is totally taken and pretty much threw herself at him, so the story goes. They’re all sure they have a shot at getting some drive by action without trying, because, well, they are being nice to her too. She has only herself to blame, her own worst frenemy.

I have a frenemy of my own. A rather dense and dull loud mouth that thinks it’s ok to be rude - she’s from Quebec. Literally, she’ll tell you that. I wish some Quebequois would come by and beat her ass down Naomi Campbell style. She’s a fidiot. She annoys the hell out of me and I’m her frenemy most of the time because I can’t stand her. She’s always rude to me then wants me to help her. I’m beginning to think she’s brain damaged. Can she really think I’d want to help her after her uberbitch outbursts? Did she have a lobotomy for lunch? She dislikes anyone and everyone. I’m sure she tells people how she dislikes me. I’m only telling you. Not because you care but because you maybe able to sympathize. Everyone knows some one like this. She’s fugly on the inside. Never has anything good to say about anyone. Complains constantly and is forever calling people out for the very things she does constantly.

I am not describing myself, I know my own flaws and as much as I like to pick on others, catty is a word for a reason, I am more afraid of bad karma then I let on ok?

My frenemy makes it clear she goes out of her way to drive me home, but never says no. She just gets all uppity if I ask her what she’s doing at any given time. Apparently I only talk to her about this when I want a ride. I was 5 seconds from smacking her into the Stone Age this afternoon. Time literally stopped at the table and everyone looked at me and then glared at her. She, looking for all the world like she was daring me to say anything to her, smiled. I looked at everyone and then asked her ”what the hell does that have to do with anything? “ She looked like I had slapped her. The mom at the table looked satisfied that I hadn’t actually hit her and everyone changed the subject not awaiting her reply. My total thoughts on the conversation – since no one was talking to you keep your fugly ass comments to their fidiot frenemy self before I get all medieval on your ass.

Oh hell yes.

I so would do it too. Because I have enough self-esteem to defend my honour and I’d just like her to know that crusty doesn’t define cast-iron bitch me. It just occasionally surrounds me. I don’t need my job as much as I need a break from the crushing despair of the mental impairment all around me.

Unhappy Hour is now over. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 5:06 PM

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