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10 August 2005

do you like piña coladas getting caught in the rain :
I am the music afficianado of, well, everyone. Even at work people come up and ask me who sings what song, what the lyrics are etc. Today it was Escape (The Piña Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes. Before you bow at my feet, I googled that info because, contrary to popular belief, I don't know everything. I'm not Encyclopedia Amber, though I do cultivate the image just to be useful. It gives people a reason to talk to me when thet wouldn't for any other reason.

I did know the boys saying that the Crusades (wikipedia says 11th-16th centuries) happened in 1785 and that the Renaissance (google says (1450 - 1600)) happened in 1785 too; were wrong. I knew, all by myself that the Acadians driven out of Canada started showing up in Louisiana (New Spain) as they had been paid by the Spanish to migrate there from France. I also knew definitely that it was fur trader times. It was funny listening to them go on saying "Take my horse and charge my cellphone.", for a little while. I would have known all of the previous paragraph, but I'm bad with dates and places and names. OK - I'm THE WORST History Major you'll ever find, but I rock at research!!!!!!!!!

The weather is trying to boil us all alive right now, as I type, I'm melting into a puddle and praaaaaying for gi-normous lightening storms to level my workplace and cool off the world I live in. It's good to want things :)

I wasn't here yesterday because I went to the banal Home Depot Job Fair. Along with everyone in the Eastern Ontario Region, from the way they were talking anyways. I got to watch the manager/owner run down everyone's names and positions and then waited for my 5-10 minute (un-advertised) on the spot interview. Personally, I find it way easier to rock an interview when the interviewer is actually looking at, paying attention to and, well, generally there. If I hear back from them I'd be suprised because the girl, who shakes my hand then tells me she has a cold - was high in cold meds (I hope). She spent the entire interview watching someone else have a fight or reading the questions. She wrote down stuff I never said. It was so hard to talk to her because, well, she wasn't there. Lord knows what to say to that, except PAY SOME FREAKING ATTENTION TO ME. Yea, done now.

Glad you all enjoyed the angel, I may make him permanent on the side bar. The Cowboy - he speaks for himself and I bet he's glad so many of you noticed :)

There is one thing I know that I will share. When I pay attention I PAY attention. I pick up on so much just being the hyper vigilant girl I am. Like? Well I noticed this guy is like, in love with his roommate. I noticed said roommate is so un-impressed with said guy. I noticed one of my friends says she's shy but is the biggest extrovert I currently know. I have noticed every power play someone has tried to pull off on me and that the serial starer, now suddenly talking to me - still stares - but not as much.

My complex about the staring is in remission :)

Serial starer guy asked me the other day, what my arm tattoo was about, saying it was such a bizarre thing. It's a horse and I objected to the term bizarre, he conceded saying that it was just an unusual piece. Either way he was talking like I had a giant gorilla raping babies on my arm instead of a horses' outline. At least I know what his fixation was. Now I can't wait til long sleeve weather so I can go unnoticed by him again :)

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