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18 August 2005

come loose your dogs upon me :
I'm just sitting here quietly. I AM sitting her quietly. The stereo is rather loudly announcing in David Bowie's voice that it's Afraid of Americans. I'm thinking how if I had to go to war I'd want Courtney Love on my side. I like Courtney, she's got balls, but let's face it- Courtney has massive issues. That's the kind of Bitch you want on your side when you need her, but you know that Bitch'll turn on you as soon as spit, so you probably tie her ass up when she's not needed. She's the pictorial definition of a scary woman. Not at all of how I think of myself.

So I got certified today. YUCK. I HATE MY JOB. I got a ceremonial pen, for making the first sale. It was not made clear to me if it was the first sale of the day or the first sale us salesfloor virgins got. I got 2 the entire day. yippee - can I be tasered now? See I like helping people. I don't see how doubling someone's bill by offering them one extra service and then a mere 5$ off for the bundle, is actually doing them any good.

Then, while I'm desperately trying to relax, Capitol One calls and tries to sign me up for a credit card. Hi - I'm not even out of bankruptcy protection yet and you wanna give me a gold card? What parallel I-Still-Have-A-Governement-Job universe are you living in? I know what I'll get in a couple of weeks - A FOAD letter. Even if they say I can have a secured card they'll probably want a giant deposit and it'll still be a FOAD letter. Go ahead and ask me what FOAD means.

Tomorrow is partay night in Canada. I'm glad of it. I need a break and drinking alone is never good. This time we're gonna do it up right. No x, y and z. No missing in action ice, maybe some pizza and a few good flicks. A recipe for a way to unwind el cheapo style. I really live for el cheapo :) Having a warm body to come home to would make it all worthwhile but I'll have to make due with my twin bed and one cold hand.

I got frostbite in that hand years ago, and now whenever the temperature gets below 15 degrees, my hand is cold. It's a great prank and a fairly effective thermometer; it's always as cold as the air outside no matter how warm the inside is. It's also a pain in the ass and I don't know how I can even have feeling in it when my hand is so cold. I don't have a circulation problem in it either it's just cold. Just the one hand too. Hence the one cold hand.

Me and my one cold hand are gonna go out and bitch slap the asshole smoking infront of my window, I don't need no second hand smoke. My public service for the day :)

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 8:07 PM

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