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25 August 2005

bring on the dancing horses where ever they may roam :
I'm a traditional kind of girl. I'm trying to start the after work tradition of going out for 1/2 price munchies. East Side Mario's has them 5 days a week from 4-6 and 9-close. I went two weeks ago and I went today. I love wings :) I do happen to be the only person who went both times, but hey my traditions are the best. I just impose them on those who won't adopt them willingly. I did not take my id so I did not drink, the bartender wouldn't let me even try to convince him of my age. Is it a blessing or a curse being so youthful in appearance?

I do have to go and work again tomorrow. No luck on that front yet. In the meant time I have been thinking about how funny Jeremy Piven is and how important it is that someone out there tell me the signs of aneurysm and that I'm just weird. I don't hardly think about work at all at work, the joys of outbound, where nobody wants to talk to you anyways.

My head has been weird since I was assaulted by my brother-in-law - the self circumciser. He beat me in the head with his fist trying to knock me down because he was mad at my husband. It got him a year of parole and a restraining order. I will not hesitate to press charges! Anyways since then I get these weird shooting pains and this pins and needly feeling in my head. I know I should go have my head examined but I'm scared they won't find anything. (Laugh with me people :) I can see my ma now saying "How did you get all that education yet have nothing in your head?" I am wondering if this is just another wonderful side effect of my wonderful allergy proneness. Living in the city I didn't have the full on sinus alergies this time of year because there was much less plant life to be affected by. Out here you're spitting distance from floras of all kinds, all the time.

I will get it checked out, I have a list to plague my doctor with. I won't go dying before my time. It's down there on the right if you're curious. I'm due for a physical, an new pair of glasses and an internal. Yea my doctor's gonna love me. I'm not gonna love going all the way there, 40 dollars round trip. It will be worth it in the long run I know. In the meantime I have to remind myself to remember to call and make the appointment. Until then I take my multi vitamin, my acid reflux pills, my allergy pill and wonder if that pill I used to take a while back gave me a tumor. I am not a total hypochondriac but I am thinking my social anxiety may be manifesting itself in this curious new obsession with my immenent demise by the flesh eating disease (there are a lot of people around here who've had it) and or, any of the various heart diseases and cancers that have riddled the family tree.

Maybe it's just psychic karma coming around to beat me up for wishing my ex would just die already and savve me from having to file the paperwork to divorce his ass. Whichever way you cut it I need a doctor of some sort. I think I'll start with a witch doctor and work my way up to more acceptable medical practices when I can.

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