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30 August 2005

and i failed to give you everything you need :
I'm not dead just suffering from shift change jet lag. I live to come by and plop down words here :) In no particular order my random thoughts:

1) in my current dellusionary state I have this to ponder - could my bad relationship karma be leeching off and adversely affecting othere people?

2) is it really so bad to have a job I detest? and if I can live with that why can't I stop feeling guilty for not trying harder?

3) Marty, from Rockstar INXS, is really growing on me and I'm rooting for him, but Jordis should win. Sure Suzie is Canadian but she's been lacklustre til now and I'm not feeling it - sorry.

4) why does customer service invariably mean poorly trained people who rely on the hold button and transferring as a substitute for actually knowing the answer? (and I do so mean my job, too)

5) why is it when New Orlean's is sinking in the wake of Katrina, we are suffering in the heat an humidity that should rightfully be theirs?

6) is it a testament to the lost art of letter writing that I have all but forsaken capitals as well as punctuation?

7) it IS a testament to my geekhood that I'm am beyod THRILLED that the XFiles is on local tv again. I skipped Prison Break to watch the pilot and taped Deep Throat tonight.

8) is there a reason why asking why makes people think I'm a kid?

9) should I be scared that so many people's lives are falling apart around me? or should I be satisfied that mine is already rubble and I'm building again?

10) how much does jealousy throw off your karma? is it ok to feel a twinge or so but crippling to indulge in it or is it all a bad bad thing?

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