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From the ghost land of the easy life.

10 July 2005

to dream a dream, any dream - these dreams are real :
I slept well. I know you're glad. Sometimes the ancient bed works :)

I dreamed last night. I dreamed I was a normal person alternately with large body building man muscles and with basket baller jumping skills, in this odd house. In this house there were two levels. They weren’t' totally divided but they were separate. On the one level was a man (and his family) who were being terrorized and hunted by a fleet of on man attack helicopters. These choppers could be avoided by getting to the second level, reachable by jumping and catching onto these swimming pool type stair cases. I got up there easily enough from the front door where the only regular stairway existed. I found the guy and tried to save him but he sent me looking for his wife and son on the second level. So I go all slo-mo action movie and dodge gunfire and make an amazing leap at a pool stairs and - make it. Even I am amazed as it was like 35 feet off the ground. White girl can jump. So I climb up and find woman and son eating minute rice in a closet/library right out of architectural digest.

Now I'm in a hospital. I live in the hospital and I'm trying to get to work. I don't work there. There are a lot of older people there trying to get me to help them and I'm dressed in a club outfit. I'm also like 125 pounds and about 20 years old. I'm trying to get to work. I run into a convention of people I don't want to see, ever. I go the other way and walk into this giant chi-chi frou-frou restaurant, where my gorilla-looking hulk of a boss is waiting in line with a cell phone glued to his head. He sees me and bitches me out for not being at work as I make a 180 turn and run back through the hospital. I end up in a bar. Wonderfully decorated bar with blonde wood floors, black marble tables and bar, chrome accents and awesome music. I'm attacked by the need to dance and a million sexy men appear. I'm dancing, even while I'm trying to slide across the dance floor and get to work I don't want to go. But I have to the boss knows I'm late already.

Then I'm in some house somewhere with my sister and we're arguing/talking about why I have to go to work. I keep saying I have to go because I was already sick this week and I need the $$ I can't take another day off. And she's mad and sulking and repeating that I should take the time it won't kill me to hang out with her. Eventually I wake up.

All I can think about is how the longer the dream went on the more shadowy everything was. There was brightness and daylight outside, I could see it but I was always inside and it was increasingly more gloomy and poorly lit. The bar was great til all the cute guys got there and blocked out the light, but not the doors. My sister and I were almost totally in darkness yet we were infront of a window with a bright daytime scene. The part where I met my boss was all tinted blue like in Underworld - that kind of horror movie affected darkness.

I did eventually get out into the light while trying to get to work from the hospital, but I had to turn around and go back inside because I couldn't get to work that way. I will be out in the light soon enough though. Guess I'd better go to work, I convinced myself before my eyes even opened that it was the right thing to do :)

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:25 AM

MenTal fUrbAll