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13 July 2005

there's a world outside :
I went out. Maybe to get some junk food. I found it's disgusting outside. With the humidity, smog warning and dying grass/flowers/people it smells like an armpit out there. Seriously town air needs som Arrid Xtra Dry stat. Or whatever industrial b.o. protector movie stars use because it's stank out there!!!!!!

I noticed something. A while back public works dug up all the grass along the street side of the sidewalk and filled it in with clay/dirt. We were speculating that this was part of the 'put cobblestones everywhere for no reason' project that started downtown by the court house last month. I'm allergic to grass when it's freshly cut but I don't like seeing it disappear for no reason. Especially to be replaced by clay which is then




painted hunter green. It doesn't even match with any of the shades of green in the area so it's VERY noticable. It looks loke someone decided "Hey this looks crap this clay with nothing growing on it. Let's paint it to look like grass." Then someone else goes "Why sure we have some paint left over from sprucing up the local tennis court. We can use that!" And a bureaucratic travesty is born.

So now I have eaten a handfull of honey roasted garlic potato chips (only a handfull I swear because I got tired of them fast. Another reason why I wait them cravings out, feeding them after a long wait is anti-climatic and then it's easy to keep the snack small. Weird I know.) and am watching a Veronica Mars re-run that it seems I missed originally. I'm waiting for rock star INXS. I like these contestants, they can sing. I missed it yesterday. Silly me. I read the MSN recap. Seems like a tough vote, wish I'd heard the songs tho.

Keep blogging.

P.S. I know I've been prolific today, but it's hard not to do something other than sleep the day away. I so am not a R&R girl. Someone send me some tequila :)
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 9:04 PM

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