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20 July 2005

A promise to all my blog readers :
I promise not to lurk forever on your blogs. To post comments when I have something decent to say and to keep mean cheekiness to myself.

I promise not to get all contrived.

I promise you won’t be coming to my blog only to realize that I’m writing pretty much for a few select readers and not for the enjoyment of everyone. Sure it puts o a smile on my face to have readers/commenters but I write because I have to, like I have to breathe and I’d do it even if no one ever read it (witness the 1140 poems, not including the ones I post here.)

I promise to try to refrain form over explanation. It means I’ll opt for over simplification but you can comment or click the envelope and email me if you need more info.

I promise not to lie about myself. Sarcastrix I never watched Firefly that’s why I didn’t know who Jayne was. I know Adam as Knowle Rohrer on X-Files and I prefer Alex Krycek on that front.

I promise that if I ever travel to your neck of the woods, not only will I ask to stay at your place I’ll want to hang out while I’m there. Feel free to do the same.

I promise to feign ignorance if hanging around my blog causes a change in your attitude that others close to you don’t like.

I promise that radioactive jam can borrow my pitchfork, using the shovel as collateral, after I know where rj lives – just in case :) So can anyone else, with the same stipulations of course.

I promise to not stop the whiny, sometimes bitter, jaded, complaining, self-indulgent, self pitying, self effacing, introspective stuff that makes me apologize to you for posting it.

I promise to keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:42 PM

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