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05 July 2005

out stopping traffic on the boulevard :
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You have been warned. No complaining.

I'm a newly minted single girl (regardless of legal formalities). Every single girl needs a friend, and with that in mind I went off to the local toy store. It's a nice inconspicuous place just of the main drag downtown. It's called Sensual Pleasures. I went in not knowing what to expect and was confronted with an exiting patron. Said patron wore the astonished look of someone caught doing something wrong. Basically the blatant fear in his eyes exclaimed "I am dirty old man and this lady knows it for a fact!" We said our hi's and he took off like a man on fire, staring at the floor and turning colours all the way.

Inside the shop you come through a hall into the main area where the nice older gent at the cash greets everyone. I got a hearty Hello. Every guy in the store came to attention and spun around to see what had walked into the store. What indeed. I had walked into a toy store SLASH video store. The tension in the place quadrupled as every guy in there, video in hand, blushingly turned back to the racks. I made my way, chortling as quietly as I could, to the toy area.

I have the impression that women NEVER go in there. Even though there is a decent selection of toys for girls I didn't see any marketed at guys. Since they have a giant video area I'm figuring the guy toys could be in the back of that area. Maybe there just aren't any, but that seems cruel. All those Seymour Butts videos and not even a blow up doll to share it with? Single guys have it, pardon the pun, so hard :) I took a while looking over the goods and thinking the toy store in Ottawa that caters to Lesbians is so much more - well lit, less desperate, sans aura of dirtiness.

I selected my toy and went to the cash. The nice gent at the counter refused to even look up from said counter at me. He took the toy and put batteries in to show it was working and then stuffed it back into its case and quickly bagged it. That done he took my money and, only when he returned the change, looked right at me and shouted HAVE A NICE DAY. Yea I think I embarrassed him too. I don't get embarrassed about sex stuff; I'm not embarrassed of my body or my needs. All this weirdness about the chick in the toy store was too much for me, I think it's hilarious and I had to share the tale.

Form the embarrassment and haste of the newly minted dirty old man at the door to the forced cheeriness of the cashier; I really feel ladies are so not visiting the place. I still am laughing at their discomfort. Yes fellas there's a new girl in town, one who likes guys and sex and even buys toys. OMG there's gonna be some blue talk tonight I can tell you, the Legion crowd will have a lot to grumble about because all of them stared as I walked down the streets with my new toy in the BLACK bag. People usually stare when I go by because I have tattoos and this is small town nowhere. They stare at everyone with anything that says I'm different. I was greeted by a few sneers from guys glancing at the BLACK bag and then at me. They know where it's from but I bet they think there are videos in it, not a toy.

Whatever. I am not ashamed. I like sex.

Keep blogging.
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