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01 July 2005

Nothing Important Happened Today :
I was pre-empted yesterday by an inexplicable local internet outage. I mean EVERY ISP in town was out. Welcome to my Steven Spielberg-ian directed, Harlan Ellison/Chris Rock written existence.

I have a little secret. If I tell you then it won't be a secret anymore. I'm not dying to share it either; it makes me feel bad about myself. As I fat girl over 30 who's soon to be divorced and is single while her imminent ex isn't, I have enough to feel bad about. And besides. It's Canada day. There was supposed to be a thunderstorm but there wasn't, and that little item was enough to keep the family from coming to town and saving me from eating all the chocolate croissants I got for the occasion. (4 over the whole day and now you know my secret.)

My family lives all of 20 minutes, by car, away. We hardly ever see each other. Since we don't always get along, it's ok, but every once in a while I long for someone live to talk to. Blogging doesn't have the same kind of interaction.

I'd like to thank Rob Lowe for saying I'm special. I was over there commenting away and was mentally listing my 'special'ness. Usually I use 'special'- in an institutional kind of way. It's what I mean when I write 'special' (quotes and all). I also use 'special' - in the mentally challenged/gifted kind of way, on a regular basis and in the comment. Not that it matters, but you can read the post under the trucker hat pic and then the comments and guess which one is which if you are so inclined (read: give a rats ass). Pick a Rob Lowe, either Rob Lowe. I think both are cute.

I like RL's site because he makes me think, a lot of the sites I visit do. Occasionally I feel I'm bogarting the comments section because I go to town with remarks. I should come with a comment advisory like:
I'm a lousy editor and over explain myself
Don't get me started about tattoos or Tom Cruise

I was around the web today and saw this post called PML 1.0 Specification. Go here http://www.davezilla.com/, to read it. It's funny. I think guys may like it more than girls and I forwarded the link to the one online blogger I thought would laugh about it, dunno if he will write about it tho. If MPH, VallhallaShoes or Rob Lowe comes by, check it out. It's got at least a smile in it.

MPH, I liked the site better when your pic was Mark Harmon. I have a long-standing love of that actor. I've written about it before, check the archives for it if you're all into finding out.

Space did not get back to me. Today that channel is showing Andromeda ALL DAY LONG. Seeing as it's Canada Day and the start of the July 4th long weekend, good tv has pretty much become an oxymoron. CBC is showing a lame movie, City is showing a lame movie, and Beauty and The Geek is over already. I have my X-file tapes to keep me entertained, and you - dear reader. Figment of my imagination that you are.

On days like today, I feel all small and insignificant. It's when I stare at my phone and wonder why I pay for phone service, no one ever calls. I'm having what I call a bad-boozers day. You know those sad drunks that get all depressing and needy when they have a drink. Now if only I'd been drinking I could explain it all away. I'm just lonely and hearing that really horrible rap song with the Mr. Lonely sample in it didn't help. Oh really I'll be ok, it's just I was looking forward to people coming around today and then no one did so I'm being badly disappointed girl who has to work the rest of the weekend.

I cleaned house today and re-arranged all my cassette tapes. I realized someone has made off with my Hall & Oates Greatest Hits. It was the beginning of my downhill slide into this melancholy. When it rains I'll feel better. Nothing like a great light show to perk you up. My irrational fear of lightening not withstanding, I love rainstorms. I'm really only afraid if I'm outside in the open, then the irrational fear kicks in.

Oh, BTW, my horoscope at http://www.freewillastrology.com/horoscopes/
says I should have a whining/complaining/bitching HOUR. Blame Rob Brezsny for this post (It actually says Unhappy Hour, how could I forget? - old age I guess). Personally I thank him, I feel much better now. And thank you, dear reader. You're in spectacularly good shape, aren't you?

Keep blogging :)
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