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From the ghost land of the easy life.

24 July 2005

my questions from lab boy :

You can find the rules under the other questions posts k?

1) Who are you named after, if anyone? Why did your parents choose this name for you, Amber? I’m not named after anyone. My Ma says I have this name because my Da decided Cinnamon was just wrong.

2) You've had the most horrible day at work, how do you unwind? I come home crank up the angry music and sing along. Then maybe I take a bath to unwind, but more likely I or IM a friend and whinge on and then when I’m done we change the subject. Then I’ll watch a fave movie and go to bed. It’s good to have people who will just let you talk about stuff.

3) You have good Karma and you can reincarnate in any animal... Which animal? For real animals I’d want to be black panther. For imaginary I’d be Pegasus, c’mon a winged horse is just awesome.

4) Who is your hero(es)? Why? Been thinking about this for a while before you even asked. What are you a mind reader? Anyways I have to say those who dare. You see them everywhere. The stutterer at open mic poetry night. The profusely sweaty under athletic gym rat. The person who says no matter what I’m doing this, say what you will I don’t care and I can succeed whether or not you believe. The people who really have faith in themself and their abilities, they are my heroes because faith is just so hard to find.

5) You have the time and energy to learn another language... Which one would it be? For practical reasons French, then I could learn Spanish and Italian and Japanese.

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