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24 July 2005

my questions from cookie :

ok amber my dear, here are your questions!

1. you are walking along the street and see someone drop their wallet containing a lot of money. you do not know them. what do u do and why? I chase them down and give it back. I’d want them to do the same for me.

2. whats your most embarassing moment?
Hard to be embarrassed when you’re shameless. Usually it’s the moment I realize the guy I’m into and after is just not that into me.

3. you are allowed 4 toppings on your ideal pizza (u already have cheese and tomato. what do u choose and why? To be specific it’s a multigrain thin crust made with spring water (pizza pizza style), mozza, feta and parmasean cheeses, a good garlic tomato sauce, fresh mushrooms, grilled chicken, spicy pepperoni and pineapple. Because it tastes good.

4. is there anything left in your life that you havent achieved yet?
The Miss Congeniality answer is: world peace. Seriously I haven’t sky dived, been to Spain, New Zealand or England, learned another language, took belly dancing or tai chi, had that international affair, become a size 10. I’ve got a lot to do.

5. if i was to visit you, where would u take me and what would we do?
Well we’d go to Ottawa so you can see our royalty – err politicians in their natural habitat, visit the museums and bars. From there we’d to Toronto and see the CN Tower, the museums, the Warf, the Black Bull which has heated floors and the midnight movies, then to Niagara Falls where we’d eat the hottest chicken wings known to man and enjoy the UFO restaurant. Casino Niagara has an all you can eat buffet all the time.

If we’re talking unlimited money and total fantasy we could go to Winnipeg and I could show you the Blue Note Café, Portage and Main (made famous by Neil Young), the theatre where Keanu Reeves did Hamlet for a wee bit. West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, the Rockies in Calgary, Sunset in Whitehorse and we’d go through gas town in Vancouver. Then we’d go back to Montreal, shop, listen to jazz, catch the comedy festival and crash a movie shoot.

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