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20 July 2005

just wishing and hoping and thinking :
Emily got booted off Canadian Idol. She murdered Crying - Roy Orbison's song. Down to 9 now.

I'm all happy a station I get will start showing the X-Files in the fall. He hehehehehehee. I need to buy tapes.....

Cate wants to have some suggestions as to who I think I should be on her show. I don't know. Any suggestions? I know you don't know what I look like but you have an idea of my personality, type casting is allowed.

I could pick Emma Caulfield, or Emily Deschanel. Sara Rue is a red headed womanly gal. Lisa Ray, Heather Graham, Mandy Moore, Tia Carrere, Tea Leone, Amber Benson .... Oh hell I don't know, this is what casting agents are for.

I'm leaning towards Emmanuel Beart, just beacuse then I'd finally speak french. And she's sexy, always a plus.

It's hard for me tho think of actresses who are my age, blue eyed and have blonde/strawberry blonde hair. I like Jenna Elfman, Andrea Parker but honestly they look older than I do. I guess I have actress vanity. I don't hink it's integral the girl be my height or weight. My sister suggested Jessica Biel, saying that her seventh heaven character was flighty and never satisfied. Nice to know how she sees me. Didn't even want to ask my ma. Haven't been able to ask my best friend from college. She's not online yet.

The one thing I'm really wondering about is why is Pam Anderson marrying Tommy lee again. All I can say is he better have learned some good stuff in college while he was there for his reality show or it'll be divorce court for them again. Of course I hope Pam learned a lot too, during her - well maybe the peroxide fianlly eroded her brain.

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This is kind of a fun question to ask people - who do you think would play me if I was on tv?
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:55 PM

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