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26 July 2005

i turn the lights on and there's nothing left redeeming :
I find myself disappearing in the least obvious ways

I’m in the mood for loud obnoxious depressing music (loud, pissed off and maybe whiny). I’m in the mood because I’m in that kinda tired place where cranky is a lifestyle and I want to bask in it. I’m getting ticked if I think someone is snubbing me for any reason. Then I roll down hill so quickly all the cranky snowballs into sadness. I posted the lyrics to Suburbia by MGB Sunday. I listened to that song just now and got weepy.

I have never lived in suburbia. Being that I am poor and I rent I have never been afforded to the luxury of suburban living. What does that have to do with suburban living you may ask. Everything. Of all the cities I’ve lived in the suburban parts are the ones with the worst public transportation so I could never bask in the lifestyle. I don not, cannot own a car. I cannot, will not walk THAT far. So I’m perplexed by the emotional outburst. My Spock side is my best side I think. It allows me to shrink myself in the comfort of my own living room. But I know it’s just that I’m tired and if my neighbours, who seem to have held steady at 3 in a bachelor and escalated their activities to include burning dinner and physical abuse, make as much noise tonight as they did last I may snap AND GO ASK THEM TO KEEP IT DOWN

So once I get to the point where I’m ready to go say something I’m pissed and I know going up there and ripping their heads off while swearing the air blue won’t win me any friends. My list of Frenemies is long enough and I don’t have any real enemies – family doesn’t count - their power only exists if you believe in them and since I’m an orphan ( : ) ) I obviously don’t. I’d rather get along with my neighbours, close quartered or not. As my best friend from college can tell ya, when you’re warring with the neighbours you do real stupid things to piss them off. One of the girls in the house, a skinny bulimic horse faced girl, walked like an elephant – just like my neighbours upstairs. In retaliation the downstairs renters, a pair of guys, would crank pornos in their living room. It made her nuts. She called the landlord endlessly and had many screaming rants about how immature they were and she shouldn’t be punished for how she walked. Then she would look at me like I should be the one they had an issue with.

To demonstrate that she ‘wasn’t’ the one they should be mad at she would then run up and down the four stairs that separated the living room/dining room from the bedrooms. Then she would jump up and down the stairs. Then she would call the landlord and complain about the porno music. She was so mature. I gotta tell you I always wanted to smack her; she was so arrogant and way too ugly to afford it. At least I’m pretty inside and out. She was planted under the ugly tree at an early age and it showed. She never did a kind thing for anyone. She’s probably on welfare someplace with the kids of the pretty boy actor she stole from her friend. It happens that way is all I’m saying. It’s not like I know what happened to her or that I’m wishing that on her. If I was wishing I wouldn’t be so nice (and my karma would take years to repair)!

By the way - I LOVE Pauly Shore. I always have. I have seen all of his movies and now I watch his tv show. I thought he would have been in more romantic comedies after Son in Law, toned down less Pauly-centric movies of course – but I could still see it. Pauly seems like such a sweetheart. Ok he’s a rather slimy/sex addicted; dim witted sweetheart; but a sweetheart nonetheless. I always wondered what happened to Pauly and the show, Minding the Store, doesn’t elaborate. It also makes you wonder if Pauly lost some good sense along the way (be kind cuz you know he had some.) He does look well and seems to have potential to possibly do more movies. Doing a scene from Black Godfather for his dramatic audition tape was such a bizarre idea that you have to laugh. Not generous laughing either. I hope Pauly gets it together and can be in a few more movies. I’d go to see them, especially if they were being shown round here ya know?

I hope I’ve entertained. I just don’t have a shtick like Radioactive Jam - them monkeys are funny.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 8:58 PM

MenTal fUrbAll