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31 July 2005

I don't know what he's after but he's beautiful :
So are you glad it's over? I loved that ALIAS thing, I'd do it more often but I'm rarely able to sit down and spin out 11 pages on a whim. It was fun while it lasted. Hope you enjoyed it. I know I did.

Went for an hour long walk today, for the funof sweatng. I got sunburn on my sweaty face. I went beause my walkman was co-operating. Don't know how long that will last. I went all out doing stretches and a wee spot of pilates and then goofy dancing around my place for hours. I'm a nutter today. And unfortunately I'm all wound up with nothing to do but go to bed early to go to training tomorrow and be bored stupid. Yay.

Thanks to Lyvvie and Sarcastrix and Sandra for adding my link to their sites.

Well I have to go mellow out and all so I'll leave you with this weeks' menatal playlist:

10) there was a time - (i so don't remember)
9) heartbreaker - pat benetar
8) soul child - paul brady
7) if god would send his angels - u2
6) wait for me - hall and oates
5) gimme the light - sean paul
4) how many licks - l'il kim
3) castles in the sky - dj ricey
2) don't cha - pussy cat dolls
1) beautiful disater - kelly clarkson

keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:52 PM

MenTal fUrbAll