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15 July 2005

got to be starting something :
So I was over here at Hof's blog and I started writing a comment and decided I'd just put the endless ramble that ensued here. Go there and read that first then follow along :)

Amber and the Movie Factory:

I can be unmerciful with some movies. I hate Meet the Parents. I've seen it more than once and I still can't stand it. I liked Meet the Fockers for about 20 minutes then I lost interest and stopped watching. It's because I only like silly Ben Stiller - trying to be straight/serious Ben Stiller I don't like. I love Zoolander and Mystery Men. I don't like Reality Bites.

I loved the effects in the Hulk (I will go to a bad movie just to see the effects - only now it's rent cuz we have no theatre)I didn't like the story. I didn't like the Ring, or the Grudge or Boogeyman or Jeepers Creepers. I have issues with horror being too serious. If you're going to make your people dumb as a stump don't bore us to death by trying to make us care that they’re going to get killed. We know that’s what’s going to happen so give us a reason to keep watching until you kill them. I liked Sean of the Dead, it was funny. It wasn't THAT funny.

I find psychological a better scare than visual. Gore, lots of blood and dramatic music doesn't always do it for me. I still really only get creeped out during Aliens where Sigourney's looking for the kid and she's got that thing that lets her hear the kid's heartbeat. The heartbeating, so much louder than everything else and the thing that may get Ripley killed - that trips me out all the time. The alien is cool. I liked where Ice Pirates spoofed it and called it Space Herpes - because it's an STD. Way funny.

I like weird movies. Cheesy, romantic, dark humour, horror, comedy, drama. Whatever I like some weird ones. I still watch The Jerk, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, The Man With Two Brains, Parenthood, The Lonely Guy and Roxanne from Steve Martin. Don't blame my taste on the eighties, well ok do that because it's true. I still get teary when the robots are turned off in Heartbeeps. I think Keanu Reeve's in The Night Before is hillarious. There is no creepier guy then Rutger Hauer in the Hitcher, but I want to marry him because he's a hero in Ladyhawke. John Cusak. Better off Dead rules if only for the "It's a shame people be throwing away a perfectly good white boy liker that." line. It's really wild to see the jocks pull him out of a trunk in Pretty in Pink. His best romantic moment in the world is when he's telling Minnie Driver how much he wants her back in Grosse Point Blank. He can put a hit on me any day :)

Molly Ringwald's character in Pretty in Pink should have picked Ducky. John Cryer is great. Most a lot of my romantic notions come from film. I can remember thinking 9 1/2 Weeks was so romantic (all my friends did too). We were SO NOT understanding that movie. I still think Valley Girl gets high school romance way too well. I think that the drama we make for ourselves never lives up to the dream of the big Notebook kiss. Mostly, I think that romance in the movies is too overwrought. I've gotten sick of Meg Ryan and anyone films (other than French Kiss of course, and the Presidio but that's for Mark Harmon alone). The boy doesn't always get the girl and it doesn't always work out ok. We don't get to run off into the surf to Mel Gibson's arms because he's not really dead, like in Tequila Sunrise. I'm still a sucker for period romance like A Room With a View and Out of Africa.

I think the Gerard Depardieu version of Cyrano De Bergerac is the most fascinating foriegn film I want to watch again and again. I also watch Too Beautiful For You (this is the English title) whenever it's on. I'm a huge fan of Jean Reno too, since the Professional. The Brotherhood of the Wolf, also French, is the most beautiful werewolf movie I've ever seen. I like Pedro Almodovar films. I've seen just about anything I've heard of, or I intend to eventually :)
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