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16 July 2005

got sunshine in a bag, i'm useless but not for long :
I got my pitchfork and I'm scaling my way out of the crater that is my life. See the dust cloud. Hear the grunting. See the black iron three pronged pole come over the edge and land in the dirt? That's right I'll be there in a minute.

Still haven't won the lottery. I did win back the money I spent on the ticket tho. Goody for me. I got paid, so now in true shopaholic fashion, I'm all about spending my chips before the river hits the big blind and I'm forced to go all in and loose my seat at the pokerstars table. Oh ok, just having a Wil Wheaton attack here. I have no IDEA what he's talking about but I go everyday and read his blog. I'm starting to think I should learn about poker - since I'm wondering what all the stuff he's talking about means anyways. BTW Wesley Crusher jokes are forboden. I always thought Wil was gay - I heard it somewhere. Nice to red he's doing well and is happy with his wife and kids.

I read a lot of blogs. Margaret Cho is doing something I've wanted to do for a long time now. I have a secret dream to be a belly dancer. I'm one of those girls that can dance. I LOVE dancing and I don't do it nearly enough :) Oh well. I found out there are classes in town so I'm hoping I can make some kind of arrangement.

I want to thank Hof for adding my link. He may have done it a while ago but I only noticed it now. You can find him to the right under not to pull your halo down.

I know a lot of people are excited about the new HP book. I read the first one, thought it's not the kid of kid's book I like (I owned and loved the Chronicles of Narnia.) I was reading Stephen King when I was 10 and rabidly devoured the entire Hobbit-LOTR trilogy the summer I was 15. I just don't get hepped or excited by HP. The movies are worth it tho. I already know what happens; I can read backwards so I read the plot in the Ottawa Star. I won't tell you, if you like them go read it. It's predictable tho. I saw the one bit a while ago.

I'm probably going to run off and get season's 1&2 of Titus on DVD. I liked that show a lot. Finally there was a family on tv where the dad was like my dad. If you've seen it you know what I mean, and if you haven't - words don't explain it. Really it's heartbreakingly funny.

And the reason I wanted to bring all these letters here and line them up and make them into words for you? I was over at Heightened Thoughts, really funny guy there MPH. I have complained here or in his comments, that I liked his pic better when it was Mark Harmon. The one there now is small and I can't really make it out. So I decided to click on it. I figured it would take me to the profile. I get instead a larger version of the pic and it's ............ Mark Harmon. Yup, I'm a 'tard. I have an IQ of 148 or something and I can't even click on a pic before I complain. Smooth. Now you know why me and the pitchfork are in the crater trying to get out :)
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:35 PM

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