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From the ghost land of the easy life.

22 July 2005

Foilwoman asks this of me :
Here's my mini-interview courtesy of Foilwoman. See her questions and answers at her blog, linked to on the left.

(1) What's the most disastrous date you've ever been on and why?
Well this one time at band camp…
I’ve went through a blind date gauntlet a few years back. The worst one was with this really nice and unassuming Asian fellow. He picked me up and we went to a sports bar all the way across town. He wanted to show me his neighbourhood. It was all good. We both like trivia and the bar had this trivia game so we played and chatted and had fun. No freakdar going off at all.
So we’re on our way back to my place at the end of the night. I’m thinking I’d really like to see this guy again. I may have gotten lucky. We stop for a red light. Next thing I know his hand is on the back of my head/base of my neck and he’s trying to pull me into what seriously looks like a hoover attachment with a tongue.
Now I’m trying as hard as I can to keep my head attached to my neck and my face away from whatever that alien thing is he’s doing over there. It’s hurting, really hurting. I’m asking him WTF are you doing let go of me. He’s laughing. LAUGHING. Saying it’s just a kiss I should just kiss him I want to kiss him he knows.
As my head is about to separate from my spinal column the worlds’ longest stop light changes to green and he has to let me go because his car is standard and we are in the front of the lane, no time for dallying.
I can feel the whiplash now as I tell you about this. So this guy (thank god) doesn’t have to stop for anything again until we get to my place. I had my seatbelt off and the door open and was already inside locking the front door to my place before the car came to a complete stop. He didn’t follow me to the door but he did call again and again and emailed non-stop until I banned him.
I still have this thing about guys ‘guiding’ my head. If the touch has anything like forcefulness to it I’ll get snakey.

(2) What's the bravest thing you've ever done?
Hmm well my militant black friend from college (she called herself that) would say it’s the time I was room shopping in college I convinced this guy to come get me as I didn’t know the town and didn’t drive. I then begged my friend to come with me. My reasoning – he’s not gonna be able to axe murder us all by himself, one of us can get away and tell the cops. So we get into the van, which is loaded with hunting stuff and has no seats in the back and my dear friend is mumbling we’re gonna die, he’s gonna kill us – all the way there. The place was a hole and way too far from school. He was nice and drove us home. My friend insisted on being let off half way back so we got out and thanked the guy and went home.

My loser friend who owes me money and clothes would say it’s when she took me to a house party with her and I stopped this really drunk guy from forcing her to leave the house with him. He got right in my face and told me explicitly how and what he was gonna do to my ugly bitch ass for getting in his way. I did NOT blink, flinch or move. I told him to fuck off and finally one of the fellas who were just watching all this go down took the guy outside. I had a spectacular breakdown when I was alone that night.

Me - I say throwing off my need to please sickness and my need to help others at my own expense sickness and my husband’s drug and alcohol problems behind by walking out of my marriage and going to small town nowhere with no job, friends or money. Sure I had family there but we’re a dysfunctional lot and as much as they helped the glee that I wasn’t so perfect was too much sometimes.

(3) Is there one thing most other people don't know, that you do, that they should?
This is tough as I’m shameless and have mastered the art of the over-share. I love ferrets and don’t think Seinfeld is funny at all – so much so that I will have reservations about you if you like it. I’ll still give you a chance though.

(4) Who is sexier, Sigourney Weaver or Geena Davis?
Well I vote Sigourney. Geena and Sig are actually pretty similar in height and body type but I really kinda lost some respect for Geena when she went through the blonde phase and it looked like she was having it dyed her skin tone, it was bad like she and her PA were doing it at home with a blonding kit. Sig tho, well I never asked if I could call her that I just like to short form ok? Sig hasn’t aged that badly. I know Geena’s got a new show and she’s looking pretty good and she was all cool in The Long Kiss Goodnight. Still Sig has my vote. She was badass first and I gotta give her props for that.

(5) What is the next skill you want to learn?
For work reasons French, just for me – belly dancing/tai chi.

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