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09 July 2005

dark shadows are dancing my coat of colors is torn :
Outside my window I can see pink and grey sky. It was raining most of the day and there are lots of clouds in the sky still. We got enough rain in the last 24 hours to cause basements to flood in the area. I don't live in the basement I live on the first floor. I am worried what will happen if it rains more. I need to keep my few possessions in as good shape as I can.

Right now CityTv, who read the post about sci-fi guys (while ignoring my plea to put X-Files back on their sister station), have decided to show 3 episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Have they been doing this long? I don't know I was working this time the two Saturdays previous. My guess is yes, as I saw the first show of the new series and this wasn't it. I believe the good doctor with the cylon fetish (is he time shifting/mentally disturbed?) just realised he is the machine's god. I may be wrong. I'm cleaning my glasses and not paying proper attention to the show.

I don't particularly like that Starbuck is a woman. Really because they're using it as a petty ploy to examine gender issues and the whole bit about her not thinking rationally and the men needing that to defeat the cylons and get to the trillium (whatever) fuel was so demeaning. Sure it worked but plain speaking doesn't have to equal putting someone down. I don't like the heavy handedness of "you're a girl so you always have to prove yourself, no one will believe in you." Also I'm not keen on the cylon's causing the most trouble being women. Too much gender stuff and I'm too Buffy-ized I guess. I believe in girl power and it being shown positively.

To me, so far, I object to the negative aspect given to most of the women in the show. I have seen the final episode so I'm not insane here. Also I like my sci-fi likeable and none of these people are really likeable. Gritty reality in sci-fi doesn't fly, it's not reality and to pretend it is is ok but be even about it. I'm not looking for warm fluffy bunnies all the time, but let's do have someone, anyone or anything, to care about. There are few redeeming qualities to these folks and I think the whole prophecy idea is way overdone.

Poor President is insane too, and having visions. Oh my. Does any central character here not have visions? I really wish it were a triple play of the 4400. I liked that show from episode right off.

This message brought to you by The Unhappy hour.

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