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From the ghost land of the easy life.

31 July 2005

ALIAS Fantasy scenario PART 6 :
Marshall : (running over and clutching the battered laptop to him like a child, with tears in his eyes.) That was a really expensive personal use computer Nadia. You could have at least asked!

Jack : Took her head clean off eh? Wonder if that would work with Irina?

Sloane : Nadia what have you done? She was the chosen one.

Nadia : I know Dad. But she was evil and it had to be done. Just like when I let you fall to your almost death that time.

Sloane : I see sweetie. Well we should get the doctor here to look at your man.

Doc : You people are nuts. (Inching towards the door, holding as close to the wall as he can).

Katya : I bet we could sew her head back on and no one would notice.

Sark : Darling she’s not even bleeding. I always wanted her dead but that’s too dead for even me.

Vaughn : Not again! I swear this damn ring is cursed. (Runs over and pulls J-Lo’s pink diamond off Sydney’s finger.) First Lauren is evil and I have to kill her then Syd is evil and Nadia has to kill her.

Jack : (Taking the ring from him) Well you have lousy taste in cursed jewelry son.

Irina : (Taking Jacks arm and leaning on him like his wife) Yes son. It’s true.

Katya : ( Looking over Jack’s shoulder.) Say wasn’t that the ring Jack gave you for your engagement?

Irina : Yes. Yes it was.

Sloane : Well then it really is cursed. We’ll need to bury the body and salt the earth Vaughn, or she’ll just come back like the other Derevko women. (Moves to pick up Syd’s feet.)

Jack : (Moving to get Syd’s shoulders) Look I still don’t like you much but it’s better to know you killed her then to drown in remorse for thinking you killed her only to find she’s not dead and really pissed.

Irina : (Standing aside so the men can move the body) It’s true, she’ll come back for you but only for revenge.

*Katya nodding in the background. Marshall wails over his laptop and Vaughn pimp rolls over to the head and starts kicking it out the door. Nadia picks it up and helps him settle it under his un-casted arm.*

Vaughn : But she’d come back right? As a real woman? Not a zombie right?

Sloane : There’s no guarantee on that son.

Jack : Give it up, she’d kill you either way Vaughn. Now hurry up or you’ll miss the elevator.

Vaughn : Uh my names not really Michael Vaughn it’s …( the hospital room door closes behind the men.)

Weiss : Oowwwwww.

Doc : Hold still, if you keep moving I can’t guarantee I can get your head on straight.

*Nadia, Katya, Irina stand over Marshall who is wailing and rocking with his dented laptop. Sark paces talking on his cell phone in the background and Dixon watches him glancing nervously back towards the women now and then.*

Nadia : Well I’ve got a whole new wardrobe to weed through. Anyone want to come back to my place and pick up some hand me downs?

Irina : (Looking from Nadia to Katya and back) Sure dear, it’ll give us a chance to catch up on your, you know, entire life since you were born.

Marshall : Waaaaaaaa

Katya : I can make some Strudel.

*Everyone laughs.*

Katya : What? I can be quite domestic when I’m not working as a spy and whatnot

Nadia : (Crouching down in front of Marshall) You can come too. If it (points to battered laptop) doesn’t work when we get there you can always rebuild it from all the spare parts we keep in the garage ok?

Marshall : Really?

Nadia : Yes.

Marshall : I always liked you Nadia.

Irina and Katya : Oh brother!

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