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From the ghost land of the easy life.

30 July 2005

ALIAS fantasy scenario PART 5 :
Jack : Dixon flank it to the right, Marshall determine what it is and how to get it off Weiss. Irina, find a weapon, Katya wake up Vaughn and Sark!

Marshall : (Suddenly surrounded by banks of computers.) I’ve never seen anything like this. It seems to have human characteristics Umm

Doctor : (coming to in the corner) What the hell?

Dixon : Jack it seems to be moving, what are my orders.

Jack : Keep your eye on it man. It’s small and wily and very fast but hopefully you’re faster if it comes for you.

*The shrieking continues even though the ‘baby’ never leaves Weiss’s neck*

Sloane : Even for a zombie baby that thing is ugly. You would think with all the good looks in this room there would have been a better-looking zombie baby.

Katya : Well what do you expect? We can’t glorify pre-marital sex we have to make it look like the ugly spawn inducing sin it is. (Slaps Sark) Wake up Dammit.

Vaughn : What is that?

Irina : It’s your son or (shrugging) daughter.

Vaughn : (coming to as Sark is being beaten silly by Katya) What the hell are you talking about Mom?

Jack, Dixon, Sloane, Nadia, Weiss, Sydney, Doctor, Katya, Marshall and Sark : Mom?

Irina : What? I wasn’t perfect as a girl ok?

Jack and Sloane : (together) Is he our son?

Irina : No. He’s not either of your sons. His father was …..

Katya : It was Dad wasn’t it? I knew he loved you too much. It really explains everything.

*The shrieking continues even though the ‘baby’ never leaves Weiss’s neck*

Jack : Is this true?

Irina : Katya you know I was just a girl.. Katya. (stepping forward eyes tearing up) I had no idea it was wrong.

Weiss : gurgle (falls to the floor)

Marshall : Uh Mr. Bristow, the baby and Sydney.

*Sydney is sitting up in bed her eyes glowing red.*

Jack : My baby.

Vaughn : Syd?

Weiss : help

Sloane : She must be stopped, she’s a zombie too!

*Sydney flies from the bed and starts biting Weiss as well.*

Irina : Jack do something! She’s been with you most of her life so she should listen to you.

Jack : (glaring at Irina) She hates you, go piss her off then we can sneak up on her and we can try to overpower her.

Dixon : She was my partner and I’ve been through life or death with her before. I’ll go and try to get her away from Weiss.

Vaughn : No! She’s my woman and I’ll do what ever it takes to get her back!

*The shrieking continues even though the ‘baby’ never leaves Weiss’s neck*

Sloane : (Joining into the group argument and obscuring Katya and Sark from view.) Well I’ve always treated her like a daughter and I really believed she was one until Nadia came along and ….

*Sydney is still chewing on Weiss’s shoe, the ‘baby’ is greedily hanging from his neck. Nadia, leaving her place kneeling on the floor gets up and with calm resolve takes Marshall’s laptop and walks over to where Sydney is*

Nadia : You bitch! (She says bringing the giant steel encased laptop down on Sydney’s head repeatedly) I told you to never touch my man and I meant never. You don’t deserve the clothes or the convoluted plotlines. Take your skinny ass and this zombie baby back to Ben Affleck where they belong!

*The room is silent as everyone witnesses the crushing blow that decapitates Sydney. Immediately afterwards the ‘baby explodes and the shrieking ceases. The lights return to normal and Weiss, somehow still alive, gets to his feet with Nadia’s assistance.*
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