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From the ghost land of the easy life.

30 July 2005

ALIAS fantasy scenario PART 4 :
Sloane : It's time!

Katya : Wait! How do you know?

Vaughn : (looking annoyed but sounding bemused) Jack, you do realize I have a cast around my neck there right? (Stands up and turns cuffing Jack in the head with his fully plaster encased right arm and brace. Pimp rolls over to the gang with the book) If there's any killing to do, I'll have to do it. I am, after all the fiancé.

Sloane : Well not for long.

Vaughn : Huh? (Slips on the fluid pooling from Sydney around the foot of the bed, is knocked out cold, face down in the fluid.)

Irina : (grimacing in disgust) I don’t know what that is but I don't want to touch that stuff. Do you think he'll drown?

Katya : Who knows? Sark, help him up.

(Jack and Sark go over and pull Vaughn's limp body from the clingy goo.)

Jack : (snarling at Vaughn) Think you can get out of this that easy? You don’t know much about this business do you boy?

Irina : Jack be nice, he’s family now. Zombie child or not.

Katya : It’s the least you can do to let him live until Elena comes back.

Dixon : (looking confused) She’s dead. She can’t come back. (the women smirk at him) Jack isn’t she dead?

Jack : Well yes. I think so, but I was sure I killed Irina and she’s here alive. These Derevko women are like cats. And I mean that in a good way honey (looking at Irina who smiles sweetly at him.)

Katya : Oh gag. You two are so sick and twisted. Arvin how do we stop this thing that ‘s coming out of my niece?

Sloane : Well the book is unclear.

*There is a mist gathering. It seems to be coming from the pool of goo. The lights seem to be dimming from white to shades of red and green. The sound of a low growling hum fills the air and gunfire is dimly present in the background.*

Sark : (Grabbing the book and walking towards Jack) It’s not, it says right here that all you have to do is sne …(slips in goo trail left by the unconscious Vaughn , falls to the floor and is hit in the head with the book as his head hits the floor from the fall.)

Sloane : (shrieks) Don’t let the book get gooed it’ll be burst into flames and our only hope will be lost!

*Weiss, Nadia, Jack, Sloane and Katya lunge for the book as it turns into a pile of flaming dust*

All : Shit.

*Ear piercing shriek, not unlike that of the monster on Lost*

Nadia : Honey (looking at Weiss) where’d that pilots uniform come from. Weren’t you just wearing suit 3? I really like suit 3?

Irina : What the hell was that noise? It wasn’t the baby was it? I don’t want to know my grandchild sounds like that!

Katya : Always thinking of yourself sis, way to go.

Jack : Marshall, what do your analyses tell you?

Marshall : Well we don’t have a zombie baseline to compare it to Mr. Bristow, but it’s definitely a sound that was made, not recorded and played back or generated in any way.

Jack : English Marshall.

Marshall : Umm I thought I was, oh sorry. Ummm it was, it must have come out of someone here.

Jack : It wasn’t me.

Katya : Duh.

Nadia : Dad? Dad what’s wrong? (crosses over to Sloane.)

Sloane : (sitting on the floor looking like he robbed Yoda of his ratty robe.) It’s gone Nadia. Our only hope. The best book ever written. Your favourite chicken recipe, everything about killing zombie babies and my copy of the script, it’s all gone!!!!!!!

Nadia : Oh Dad I’m so sorry. (They hug and share tears.)

Weiss : Jack, uh help Jack!

*There is something hanging from his neck, blood is covering his white pilots shirt. He’s trying to yank the thing off his neck and making harsh gurgling sounds.*

Irina : Jesus, what is that.

Nadia : Eric!!!! (lunges toward him but Sloane holds her back)
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