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From the ghost land of the easy life.

29 July 2005

ALIAS fantasy scenario PART 3 :
Weiss : Nadia, honey. You really can't use this as an excuse to raid her closet. (tries to pull her away from the bedside) I know you'd look great in most of the stuff but we're here to support Vaughn and Sydney now.

Nadia : You're right. Syd I'm sorry, please forgive me (throws herself on top of the bed weeping.

(Door flies open)

Sloane : (carrying a giant t book and drooling) It's all right here. It's a devil child!! Rambaldi has decreed if the Chosen One lives through the apocalypse then she will bring forth a real zombie in real short order.

Sark : (appearing behind Sloane) He's right, says so right here. (points to book)

Jack : Zombie, schmobie. This is your fault (pointing at Vaughn who's drinking a morphine martini made by Irina) and I'm going to make you pay for what you've done to my baby!

Irina : (pulling Vaughn out of the way of the airborne Jack) Darling don't be so short sighted. After all if he is the father he should be the one who does the honors.

Jack : (from the floor) Honors?

Sloane : Yes the father of the, zombie baby beast, is a suitable candidate to kill the thing before it feed and becomes strong enough to rule the whole world.

Sark : Do you suppose he'd need a sidekick if we fail? What? If we can't kill it, it may want some help and later on, running the world and all right?

Katya : You work for me Sark honey. don't get any other ideas.

Jack : (strangling Vaughn thanks to Sark's distraction) Die you defiler die!!!!!!!!!
She was a size 2, do you know how hard it's going to be for her to get that back before next episode?

Vaughn : gggggdddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaasssddddddddddddd

Weiss : Vaughn do you need any help?

Nadia : Honey you should stay out of it.

(The sound of shooting breaks the silence. Marshall and Dixon roll through the door carrying the doctor)

Marshall : Sorry Mr. Bristow the place is clear.

Irina : (Crossing to and looking out the door) What were you shooting at?

Dixon : This nosy nurse started saying we couldn't take this doctor, but as far as we can tell he is the only one that knows about Sydney's case. He seems to be her only hope. She picked up the phone at her desk and started dialing and I took the shot.

Jack : Good thinking Dixon. We can use him to keep the zombie baby busy while we figure out how to kill it.

Marshall : Zombie baby?

Sark, Katya, Sloane : (reading book together look up and exclaim) Yes!

Katya : Irina it says she will have it soon. Are you prepared?

Irina : (barely able to tear her eyes away from Jack throttling Vaughn) What? Why would I have to do that? I'm not the father. I barely know the girl.

Katya : Well you're her relative and you are closer.

Sloane : Any of us in this room could take the life of the zombie child. The writings don't specify it has to be anyone related.

Marshall : Well I um, I don't really feel comfortable killing anything. In fact I'd rather not kill even a zombie baby.

Sark : Right then I vote we tie him up and use him as zombie baby bait.

*Everyone looks at Sark. Some are smiling, some gaze in disgust and Marshall wets himself.*
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