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From the ghost land of the easy life.

28 July 2005

ALIAS fantasy scenario PART 2 :
Doc : Look I know she is pregnant so does anyone know how far along she is? We're just trying to make sure that the we're ready if the baby is premature.

Irina : Premature? Of course it's premature! She's just got back from saving the world and being proposed to and all that. She didn't have time to get knocked up. She's my baby and she's a size 2 dammit!!

Jack : (Holding her back as she lunges for the doctor) Irina. It's ok, I'll handle this. (Smiles at the doctor) Can I have a word with you?

Doc : (Turning to walk down the hall with Jack)Sure Mr. ...?

Jack : Well you have to forgive my wife, she's recently been resurrected and it can wreak havoc with the hormones and all.

Doc : Oh, umm, err...

Jack : (turns to face the doctor, puts both hands on the man's shoulders) Sorry about this but it's necessary doc. (Knees man in groin.)

*Everyone erupts in to laughter, cheering and then they run off down the hall looking for Sydney.*

Irina : (spitting as she passes) I hate doctors.


Vaughn : So Syd you can see I meant it all for your own good.

*Everyone else bursts in to the room, Sark in the lead wrestling Marshall out of the way. Sydney is obviously pregnant. Vaughn sits in wheel chair by her bedside holding her unconscious hand and looking scared**

Vaughn : Geez don't you people know how to knock?

Sark : Stuff it man, you killed my girl and I should repay the favour.

Katya : Shut up! (Sark retreats to the door and leaves snarling.)

Irina : (approaching Vaughn's right side whispers ) Did you tell her?

Vaughn : Look, a truck hit us on our way back and I know I should be dead but somehow I was thrown clear out the passenger side window. When I came to here I was pretty groggy but I must be on some real good drugs because everyone keeps saying the accident was only a couple of days ago.

Jack : It was.

Nadia : Sydney (takes her sister's hand)? Sydney can you hear me? It's me Nadia. Oh Sydney (looks around at everyone as a tear slides down her cheek) I'm going to take very good care of all your clothes now that you're going to be out of shape for a while.

Katya : Figures, you think you should get the clothes. Irina, talk some sense into your daughter.

Irina : I don't know that we have definitively established she's mine. Where's Arvin, she is his kid too ( looks around but Sloane is gone).

Jack : Ladies, fashion isn't the issue here. Sydney is, and well, she's HUGE.

Marshall : I can't find anything in the room that could be causing this condition Mr. Bristow. I'm going to check out the rest of the building.

Jack : Good thinking Marshall, take Dixon with you he can take point and cover you should they try the same on you. Call the office and see if anyone there can do any lab work or understand lab results and we'll get an idea of what it says in that chart Dixon has.
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