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27 July 2005

ALIAS fantasy scenario PART 1 :
Sitting here thinking about how Jennifer Garner's pregnancy is being written into Alias. I know how it should go down:

Sloane : (Frantically) Nadia, I've just remembered that Rambaldi prophesized that after the giant orange glow ball zombie incident the chosen one would have a kid.

Nadia : Dad (rolls her eyes), can you PLEASE Stop mentioning that? I've already appologise for trying to kill Sydney and you did pretty much whack my head off there.

Sloane : Sorry dear, but really you have to get me in to see the Rambaldi artifacts and texts. (His eyes grow wide with lustful anticipation)

Nadia : Dad you know I can't do that. But you know, Irina's back just ask her to borrow her copy of the texts. You don't need the artifacts to read any of them right.

Sloane : Well, um ... no.

Nadia : Well ok then. Go run along to the office and see if Jack can email Irina about the texts. I have to clean up around here. Sydney and Vaughn should be back soon and ...

(Door opens)

Weiss : Nadia, Nadia where are you? (Walks through house yelling) Sydney's in the hospital. Jack just called, we're all supposed to go there.

Nadia : Hi honey. Dad just dropped by for a chat but he can take us to the hospital, can't you dad?


*So they go to the hospital where Jack, Irina, Sark, Marshall, Dixon and Katya are waiting. everyone is milling around, sitting down then milling again. The usual do you know what's up questions answered by shrugs and replies of they won't tell us anything’s' are given. Finally a doctor approaches.*

Doc : Umm hello. Are all of you family?

Sark : DO I look like I'm related to these people?

Katya : Shut up dear or I'll have to (makes a motion with hand.)

*Sark sits down and everyone else surrounds the doctor.*

Doc : Does anyone know how far along the bride was?

*Gasps and questioning looks from everyone?*

Sloane : (pulling Nadia aside whispers) See. See I told you. The chosen one is having a kid. Just like I said. I need to see those ....

Nadia : Dad knock it off. You're being a loon.

Irina : (to Katya) What's Sloane saying to Nadia, do you think he knows something about this?

Katya : I'll find out.

Jack : Listen here doctor my daughter did not have pre martial sex. She wouldn't have don that with someone I, until recently, thought so little of.

Doc : ?(looking bewildered)

Dixon : Jack. This is not the time or place for this kind of speculation. We don't know what's going on. It could be Rambaldi, terrorists or a rebel faction trying to get back at us for doing something to them first.

Marshall : Doc what kind of equipment did you use to determine that Sydney is, umm, with child? I have 2 kids of my own and well I could check your instruments and make sure they haven't been tampered with or anything.

Jack : Marshall! Not now.

Irina : (Under her breath) Always looking for a way to see Sydney naked little man.
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