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From the ghost land of the easy life.

08 June 2005

woke up in my clothes again this morning :
don't know exactly where I am
I should heed my doctor's warning
he does the best with me he can
he claims I suffer from delusions
I'm so confident I'm sane
it can't be no optical illusion
how do you explain
shadows in the rain?

So I'm sitting here breathing a sigh of relief that my computer stopped having seizures and commenced to working again.

I just want to say sorry to any of the people who read my atom feed, it didn't occur to me what the funny quiz picture results would look like in a plain text feed. I'm new here, please forgive me.

I currently have the above song in my head. It just started up with that zippy sax and won't stop. It's because I'm wondering how to get more people to come by here and I'm not sure how to do it. It was nice of a while people came by and left comments, I guess there's not much exciting here now because no one comments. I could try to be more thought provoking. I could go on a rant about the government and the status of the world - but I'm a jaded History major and that said I will segue into another Sting song. History Will Teach Us Nothing. Unfortunate but true.

My biggest wonder right now is if I could actually churn out something interesting and readable for the 3 day novel contest. It's become my new obsession since I read about it the other day on (you guessed it) someone else's blog. I think I'm going to start leaving comments on every blog I read a sentence of, maybe that'll get people to come by and comment to me.

I'm thinking of changing the SAY SOMETHING GOOD part to read SENT A POSTCARD. Give me your opinion.

So now I'm gonna talk about tv. Since it's late and I'm doing my duty to stay up so I don't get too sleepy at work, I have little to choose from to watch. I don't have digital cable so I don't have a wide selection to watch. I can watch CSI Miami, but I don't like it as much as CSI or CSI NY. I wanted to like it but it never grew on me like the others. I just like the characters in CSI and CSI NY more. If I wait a bit longer Craig Ferguson and his sexy brogue will come one. I think he's great but I must admit I wondered if he wasn't picked because his name is Craig. Less changing to do with the title and all that, branding raising its ugly head.

I'm totally into Veronica Mars. It's a great show with solid ideas, plots and cast. I love NCIS. But I'd watch anything you put Mark Harmon in. I've been a BIG fan since St. Elsewhere, and I never got that show all I remember is Mark was in it. I was too young for it then. I can't boycott CBS because of this and CSI. I want to because of what they did to my fave Friday night show, Joan of Arcadia. Things were just getting good and there was a defined bad guy and the promise of interesting things to come. I signed up to save Joan because interesting philosophical, think for yourself programs about life and what we choose to believe/do; well they don't come along ever. Usually any show about God makes my skin crawl. Unless it's some educational history type program. Like those, but there's usually a skin crawling factor related to what was done during those times. Go here to save good tv http://www.savejoanofarcadia.com/

So since I'll watch anything Mark Harmon is in I'm stuck with CBS. Still wishing them problems with Friday nights. I like Numb3rs enough. Rob Morrow still reminds me of Northern Exposure, it's his voice. Peter MacNicol is great as a better (less bizarre) oddball. Ally McBeal made me wonder if he'd ever get another role that wasn't so over the top. Typecasting and all.

Of course, in my humble opinion, there are no really sexy dudes about for me to drool over. I wanted to be Scully for years, David Duchovny rocks! I have followed John Corbett around the dial since I saw him in Northern Exposure. I'm glad David Boreanaz is coming back, but I fear for the show already. Eliza Dushku's Tru Calling died. I'm sad Eyes was cancelled, it was cheeky and so much fun. I wasn't happy when that Matthew Foz detective show was cancelled (I wanted to know what was going on there) but now he's LOST and I'm having fun with that. I think Jason Lee is coming to primetime with something. I like him, I hope it stays on. I also liked Fast Eddie and that got cancelled way back when. I don't have the same tastes as everyone, that's for sure. I detest Everybody Loves Raymond. I think I'll like Everybody Hates Chris though. C'mon it's Chris Rock.

I've seen the Bad Girl's Guide. It kills the time but I don't know if I like it or not. Too early to tell. I watch Girlfriends and America's Next Top Model and will probably watch an episode or 3 of Big Brother this summer. Only so I know who everyone's talking about when I'm at work. Plus I want to pick who I think will win, then see if I'm right. Gotta have something to do with my spare time.

Happy times in tvland. See ya.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:34 AM

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