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From the ghost land of the easy life.

29 June 2005

she's thought about not understood she's aching to be :
In a month my sister gets another year older. She's already bugging me about what I'm gonna get her. She wants the Pacifier on DVD. I'm busy thinking, “It’s not like you got me anything for my birthday. I had to buy my own cake." I'm big on birthday cake BTW. Just the one thing I think people should get on their birthdays from other people. I don't care about presents so much as the thought that goes into getting a good cake. Being that food is my drug of choice this surprises no one who knows me, not that any of those people read this :) I love that about my blog.

So I was online and about today and saw this hysterical conversation on http://falafelsex.blogspot.com/. I used to work for Wal-Mart. I've been told the Canadian version is horrble compared to the US stores. I wouldn't know, never been to a US Wally World. Then I went and found this comment on http://www.qwmaine.com/ :
And finally, there’s now evidence
that there’s nobody that the
Walmart family won’t destroy in the name of a profit.
Sleep with one eye open, obviously-targeted rest-of-the-family.

I think all Canadian corporations are run badly. It's been my experience there's a lot of management out there that believes their staff is the equivalent of the slaves building the pyramids and they are the pharaohs being honoured by the work. Take that however you like, but I'm not impressed with management much and wish I could magically become a consultant that goes around and teaches management how to be human beings and stop acting like they're monarchy cuz they're not doing the grunt work.
Sorry, I have issues with authority.

Other than that I've been having a guilty giggle at the misfortunes of others. Is this bad karma? I don't know. Gave up the ghost and took the 2 Nintendo GameCube games I was keeping into the local Jumbo Video and sold them for 10 measly bucks. I still have a GameCube and controller here. The cube itself has no power supply or other wires to set it up properly with so I'll probably just give it away at some point. I wonder if I could sell it on E-bay for a season of the X-Files?

Oh, in the mundane triviality of my life I've discovered Pepsi with Lime. It's not as good as regular Pepsi when I put lime juice in it but it's naturally flavoured so it's not giving me hives. Fun fact about me, I have bizarre food allergies that make me break out in hives. I can't eat Texas Carrot Muffins, I can't drink liquor with artificial flavouring in it (Absolut raspberry I mean you), I can't have peanut sauce of any kind, and I can't eat Kikkoman Soya sauce. All hive inducing products. The doctors think I'm nuts when I tell them this but I know what happens when I eat Cajun spice Mahi Mahi at the fish market in the Market in Ottawa. Thank Goodness Shopper's DrugMart is open til midnight.

Keep blogging and may all you food taste good and have zero calories :)
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:09 PM

MenTal fUrbAll